How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

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Your vacuum cleaner is one of your best friends and most important appliances and if you have a bag less vacuum you will want to learn some of these household cleaning tips on How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner or you have one that is inferior and does not pick up the stuff off of your carpet, you probably know very well that all that dust and crumbs and dirt tracked in is just getting stuck deeper in the carpet. This makes your living environment a nightmare, especially for people that have allergies and who are allergic to dust. To control dust, you have to have some dust mite control since the dust mites essentially produce dust. For dust mite control you want a good vacuum with powerful suction that is going to collect all of the dead skin cells and all of the other particles that dust mites feed on. Sounds gross, but its the truth.

It is certainly easier to keep wood, ceramic and tile flooring free from dust mites, since carpet can really get stuff embedded into it quickly. There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market and the ones with bags are pretty easy to maintain as you just throw the bags away when they are filled. If you have decided on getting a bagless vacuum cleaner, it has its benefits as well but it must also be cleaned out. Good thing there are awesome house cleaning tips and tricks like these ones from Kiwi Service that teach us how to keep our homes clean.

Lets learn a little about the bagless vacuum cleaner first. What prompted the marketplace to produce a product where you have to take it's dirty canister, dump it out and clean it? The disposable bag seems so much easier and cleaner since it contains all of the dust inside of it so when it is taken out of the vacuum, it is simply tossed into the garbage with no mess. Here is some information on bagless vacuums. First and foremost it is the dollars you are going to save buying expensive replacement bags that you save when you have a bagless vacuum. Plus using less paper waste since the bags are thrown in the garbage. A bagless vacuum is fairly easy to clean as well. When the dirt fills the chamber, you just remove and dump it in the garbage. It is said that this type of system has better sucking power as well. It also allows you to see just how much dirt and dust you are picking up after you vacuum which can be kind of gross but also kind of exciting since you know it is not in your house anymore. The thing about the saving on not buying bags, is that unlike vacuum cleaners that do use bags, you will need to purchase a filter for your bagless vacuum. These vacuums have non-washable filter that must be replaced, and they cost about $30. If you do purchase, a bagless vacuum paying more for the one that has a washable filter will help you avoid that cost.

Mentioned previously in the article was that these vacuums were supposed to work better and suck harder, BUT if that filter is dirty, it is the opposite they will not pick up debris as well when the filter is clogged. SO, if you do own a bagless vacuum cleaner, it is very important you know how to clean it so it will work well, which is why these household cleaning tips come in so handy. So for more on how to clean your bagless vacuum and more house cleaning tips and tricks check out the Kiwi Service website.*

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