How To Clean A Gas Cooktop

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Cleaning a gas stovetop is the one device you may be unsure of how to clean safely, but Becky, at the ‘Clean Mama’ lifestyle blog, has some tips and tricks to make cleaning your gas stove a cinch. As you will soon see, there isn’t anything that difficult about cleaning a gas stove. You may find it especially difficult cleaning the grates because of built on food, but if you adopt Becky’s cleaning methods on a weekly basis, the process will become even easier.

Becky insists that the best stovetop cleaner is one that is hanging in plain sight in your kitchen, baking soda and dish soap. Baking soda can remove grime from stove grates while being gentle on the grates so that they aren’t scratched. Dish soap is ideal for cutting grease that might have splattered onto the stovetop, and is, therefore, the best cleaner for glass top stove. The best glass top stove cleaner doesn’t just cut through the dirt and grime on the stovetop, however, but also on the knobs and burner covers which are regularly touched by food covered hands during cooking and get just as much food splatter as the rest of the stove. You may think that cleaning the knobs and burner covers is hard, but Becky instructs to remove them and soak them in a bowl of soapy water to clean them up. The dish soap cleaning solution will cut through grease and have your kitchen stove looking immaculate and is a multi-purpose cleaner for your entire kitchen.

The one thing you will want to watch for when cleaning your stovetop is that you don’t use too much water directly on the stove because you don’t want the water to run down the gas outlets. If you wipe down and sanitize the entire surface with a soft damp cloth, you won't have that problem. Becky likes bar mops because of their soft cotton quilting, and they can be machine washed for a reusable cleaning tool in the kitchen. No matter what cloth you use on your stovetop, you will be fine, as long as it isn’t abrasive and won’t scratch the surface.

The most difficult part of cleaning a gas stovetop will always be cleaning the grates because that is where most of the food is baked on. The baking soda is a gentle abrasive on gas stove grates, but Becky’s other genius addition will be one you will be using time and again. By adding salt, which is granular and textured, you can add an extra abrasive quality to the cleaning solution, which is ideal for tougher cleanups. This type of stovetop cleaning doesn’t have to be done on a weekly basis since you can simply wipe everything down with soap and water for quick cleanups, but if you employ a more extensive cleaning on a bi-weekly basis, the general cleanups will become easier with time. Thank you to Becky, at ‘Clean Mama’, for sharing her methods for how to clean a gas cooktop successfully.

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