How to clean a jetted (jacuzzi) bathtub naturally

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Having a jetted bathtub in your home is wonderful, and if you ever find yourself lucky enough to get a home with one, you'll enjoy it often. The only thing about using your jetted tub often is that it also need to be cleaned just as often as you use it. Which can be difficult considering there are the little jets all over the tub that need to be cleaned properly. The little jets pull in the bathwater and then push it back out with force to create that relaxing an soothing jet effect. So if you just bought or moved into a rental with a jetted tub chances are there may be some dirty water and germs trapped in the jets from the last people who lived there. This makes it even more important to learn some cleaning tips to clean your jetted tub. Good thing there are some great cleaning tips that only require you to use natural house cleaners to clean your jetted tub and get rid of all the dirty germ filled water. All you need will probably be in your kitchen cabinets already. The natural house cleaners that are best for the job are baking soda, vinegar and water. You'll also need some rags and a cleaning toothbrush. The first thing you'll do is clean the walls and bottom of your bathtub as you would any other bathtub. It's great to use baking soda for this part of the cleaning process.

Just put a good amount of the baking soda in your tub and then use a damp cloth to scrub the bathtub all over. Next, use the cleaning toothbrush to clean the outside of the jets. Move the inner swivelling parts around as much as you can to clean out as much dirt as you can reach with the toothbrush. The smaller bristles make it much easier than any other brush or cleaning sponge would be though. Don't rinse the tub out just yet, but fill up the entire bathtub with water until the jets are covered so they can run. You can use cold or slightly warm water for this part of the cleaning process. Then, add three cups of vinegar to the bath water and turn on the jets. Allow them to run for at least 3 to 5 minutes. If they haven't been cleaned in a while, you may need to drain the water and fill it up a second or third time. This will be the best way to make sure all of the pipes and jets are clean.

When you do this cleaning tip regularly, you will only need to fill up the tub once; this is just for the times when it hasn't been done for a while. Use these cleaning tips to clean your jets in your jacuzzi at least once a month to give it a really good cleaning. This is especially good to do if you use bath products like bubble bath and bath oils which can actually clog up your jets and cause your jacuzzi not to function properly. You can also use baking soda on your shower walls to give them a good scrubbing. If you have hard water built up in your bathtub or shower, you'll need to allow the areas with hard water stains to soak in vinegar for at least an hour before you scrub them off. The vinegar will break down the mineral deposits making it easier to clean them away. Try out these cleaning tips using natural house cleaners for a sparkling clean jetted tub and relax in your bath knowing everything is nice and clean.***

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