How to clean air vents like a pro, but naturally and frugally

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Maintaining a house can get expensive, so when you can find a way to save money, it's always a good thing. Part of maintaining a house is knowing all the things that should be done to keep the house running efficiently, on top of keeping it clean. A checklist is always a good idea for both the regular maintenance of your house along with what needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the air vents is something that should be done once a year. You might take this time to also clean all of the curtains in the house. These house cleaning tips for cleaning the air vents is a good way to save money and use natural cleaners that are safe for you, and the environment Hydrogen peroxide is a natural cleaner that can be used for a variety of house cleaning tips around the house, it's inexpensive and safe to use.

To clean the air vents in your house, you can use the three percent solution in the grocery store, which works just fine for house cleaning tips as a natural cleaner. You will see how hydrogen peroxide is the main natural cleaner that is used in the natural vent cleaning. To clean your air vents, you will want to start by removing the register. You will then want to vacuum out loose debris, sticking down the vacuum hose down the vents as far as you can to catch any remaining, unseen debris. After you've vacuumed as much as you can, you can use an old toothbrush and some hot, soapy clean water to scrub the inside as far as you can reach down the air vent. Most of the debris will pile up where there is a neck” in the system, which is typically when the vent to the room and the vents throughout the house are connected. That connection point tends to get quite a bit of dust, debris and gunk. This bend is where most of the scrubbing of the vents takes place.

You will want to gather up all of the house registers and put them into a bin in the shower. At this point, you can add a few squirts of dish soap, along with some Borax, and some baking soda. The purpose of this natural cleaner mix is to break down the grease, grim and ickiness that collects on these house registers (especially the registers from the kitchen floor). Then you can fill the bin with the hottest water you can muster from my shower faucet. Let this mixture soak during the duration of cleaning the house vents, which will probably be about an hour. Dry the registers off and place them back over the vents. Now you can breathe easy because the dirt, the grime, dust and debris are gone, and you have cleaned with natural cleaners and a few essential oils, so your house smells nice, clean and fresh. For touch-ups in between cleanings, you can try to clean the vents once a year, just keep a bottle of the natural cleaner and hydrogen peroxide spray always on hand, adding the essential oils and spray into each vent and register periodically throughout the year for that fresh, clean smell. By regularly cleaning your house vents you can help to fight environmental allergies in the home as much as possible. These house cleaning tips are easy to use and will save you from having to hire an air vent cleaning company to do the job for you.

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