How to Clean and Maintain your Dryer to Avoid it Catching Fire

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Cleaning your clothes drying machine is actually quite an important thing to do, yet people rarely do it. It's said that nearly 3,000 house fires are caused by dryers that haven't been cleaned out properly. Cleaning your dryer out really well will also help save you energy too which can really cut down on your electrical bills. Your clothes will definitely dry faster which also saves you time too. When there is too much dust built up in your dryer, it doesn't ventilate properly which can cause problems. The dryer lint that's accumulated from your clothing is also very flammable, so if too much builds up over time, it can catch fire. Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee says that you should not only clean your dryer lint trap after every use, you should also be cleaning the dryer vent on the back of the machine as well. Clean the lint trap out before you put a load of clothes in your dryer to dry. You may be in the habit of doing this, but you can also take it one step further by cleaning it.

You'll also want to properly clean it to remove any of the laundry soap residues that comes from your wet clothes. The residue creates a barrier that makes it harder for the air to pass through the trap properly. It's best to clean it well at least once a month, if not more if you're doing laundry more frequently. Just put it in your kitchen sink with some hot water and soap and scrub with a cleaning brush to remove the residue. Then, lay it out to dry on a clean dish towel before putting it back in the machine. Besides cleaning the lint trap, you'll also want to clean the back of the dryer too. Jillee recommends that you clean your dryer really well at least once a year. At the back of your dryer, you can even remove the panel to get out all of the dust. You could use your vacuum to suck up any dust that's stuck in there too or use a cleaning brush to remove any and all dust you can reach. Just be sure to unplug the machine before you do anything.

One of the other cleaning tips she shares is that you need to check the exhaust hose and take out any dust from it. Again, you can just vacuum it out to get rid of it. You can also always call a professional to come and clean your dryer for you, and you can see how it's done, so you feel more comfortable to do it yourself next time. Another tip is to make sure that you don't overfill the dryer when you dry clothes in it. This could cause overheating which could lead to a fire starting. She also lists some things to look out for to see if your dryer isn't functioning properly. So if your clothes are coming out of the dryer really hot to the touch, or if the outside of the dryer feels very hot. You will also want to have it looked at if your laundry area becomes humid while you're drying clothing or if you smell burning. Also if the exhaust flow is not strong. Try out some of these cleaning tips and simple life hacks from Jillee's website and see how they work for you in your home. It's always such a good idea to do anything that could prevent an accident in your home too. Check out more simple life hacks and cleaning tips from One Good Thing By Jillee.***

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