How To Clean Butcher Block Countertops

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You may think that butcher block countertops are a bad idea, due to wear and tear, and the increased possibility of bacteria growth, but time and time again, butcher block counters have proven their resiliency by using proper cleaning methods. If you are wondering how to clean butcher block countertops in such a way that you both sanitize them and maintain their finish, The Kitchn, food and lifestyle blog, shows you that the best method for cleaning wooden surfaces is soapy hot water and sanitizing vinegar. The best countertop cleaner is the one that gets the job done without chemicals and will maintain the appearance of your butcher countertops. Wooden surfaces inhibit bacteria growth on their own, so it isn’t necessary to resort to harsh chemical cleaners for the purpose of cleaning your butcher block countertops. How to clean kitchen countertops becomes simple and safe by employing natural products for cleaning all the kitchen surfaces in your home.

Perhaps the best part about The Kitchn’s cleaning method is that they first use a spatula or scraper to removes any residues from the countertops. You can purchase a metal scraper anywhere you would buy a stove, like a home hardware store, which is multipurpose and is designed specifically for electric glass countertop stoves. The only danger is that you don’t want to damage your wooden surfaces when cleaning them, but as long as you maintain a watchful eye, you should be fine. If using a metal scraper is something your are concerned about, however, a sturdy plastic or metal spatula with a dull edge will work very well to remove food residues from your island butcher block couintertops. You don’t want to use a floppy spatula because it won’t have the stability to scrape off tough food particles, but a firmer plastic spatula will do wonders for your countertops. By using a scraper for cleaning your countertops, you are getting rid of most of the dirt before you get to the natural cleaning products, and afterwards, it is simply a matter of cleaning the countertops with soapy water and vinegar, then drying.

Cleaning with vinegar is nothing new, but people’s concerns about chemical cleaners mean that they are turning to natural cleaning solutions like plain old soured wine. Vinegar can be expensive, but you don’t need to buy a specially aged variety to do the trick where your cleaning is concerned. The best thing about cleaning with vinegar is that it is edible and safe for people to consume. Vinegar hasn’t been regularly studied as a disinfectant although it is known that it can kill a few strains of E. coli, and does have significant antimicrobial traits.

Cleaning with vinegar will always be more efficient when combined with another cleaning product, and The Kitchn has you covered by employing the use of dish soap as well. Plus, your wooden counter’s natural antimicrobial properties are bound to help. Thank you to The Kitchn for sharing their easy method for how to clean butcher block countertops.

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