How to clean carpets like a champ

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Let's face it, our carpets take a lot. All of the foot traffic, stains, and dust we throw at them. So that's why in order to keep them looking great we should clean them regularly. It turns out, most carpet manufacturers recommend shampooing the carpets in your home at least once every 12 to 18 months. If you have a larger family, and if you have pets, you'll probably want to clean your carpets more regularly. You can clean them yourself by buying or renting a carpet shampooer, or you can hire professionals to clean your carpets for you. Of course, doing it yourself will cost you less, but the convienience of having the pros come and do it is so great. In between cleanings, you'll also want to practice some more regular cleaning habits that will help your carpets stay looking, feeling and smelling great. These cleaning tips from Melissa Siker will teach us how to clean our carpets and educate us on getting stains out of carpet too. If you have pets one of the top priorities will be to remove the pet hair from the carpet. Sometimes even the best vacuums don't get all of the hair out of your carpets, so you can try using a rubber squeegee or a rubber brush to get out the hair. Just run the brush or the squeegee over the carpet and see how much hair it pulls up.

You will also want to work on getting stains out of carpet in your home. Melissa uses her special spot cleaner called Spot Shot which you can find at pretty much any store. She always keeps it on hand and has yet to find a stain that it won't work on. Even older stains that have been there for months will fade away by using this amazing cleaner. All you do is spray the solution on the stain, let it sit and then blot it with a clean cloth. The stain just comes right out of the carpet. If you haven't tried this stuff you'll probably want to go out and get some to try it out. Spot Shot is also great for deodorizing pet stains too, so if your pet has an accident on the carpet, which happens, just use the Spot Shot on the stain right away. For deodorizing an entire room, just use some simple baking soda. Just sprinkle some baking soda all over your carpet and let it sit for 15 minutes or a few hours. Then, vacuum it all up.

If you have area rugs, you can try washing them in your washing machine using the gentle cycle and add in a couple of towels with them if needed. Once you've washed them in the washing machine, allow them to dry out completely before you put them back in place. You can hang them outside in the sun if it's a warm day, or in a well ventilated, sunny room. You don't want to leave them wet for too long because they could develop mildew or even mould on them. If you spill anything on your carpet it's always best to deal with the stains right away. Letting water seep into the underlay and wood under your carpet will only cause problems. So first, get a towel and soak up as much of the liquid as you can and then treat the stain using the Spot Shot. These are some of the great cleaning tips that you can try to keep your carpets clean in between major cleanings or shampooings. For more cleaning tips be sure to check out Melissa's website.***

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