How to clean concrete blocks

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The outdoor patio always seems like the last place that needs to be cleaned. But when the weather is warm, and you are going to be spending more time outdoors, you'll want it to look its best. This house cleaning tip will teach you how to clean concrete blocks that are usually placed around patio areas and gardens. This is a house cleaning tips that probably needs to be done about once a year. The materials you will need for this DIY idea, and house cleaning tip includes some Scotts Outdoor Cleaner plus OxiClean, a scrub brush and some water. To start this house cleaning tip, you will want to spray the product onto the dirty, and grimy concrete block area. The good thing about this cleaning solution is that its safe to use around grass and plants. That is good, so you don't have to cover up your plants before you begin. This natural cleaner has a fast-foaming action that starts working as soon as you spray it on the concrete block area. For the full concrete house cleaning tip and DIY idea, you will want to take a look at the Rain On a Tin Roof site.

There are other house cleaning tips and DIY ideas you can try for cleaning concrete. One natural cleaner is to try using some hydrogen peroxide. You can remove the screw-on cap from your hydrogen peroxide bottle and then replace it with a spray nozzle. Spray the hydrogen peroxide natural cleaner onto the concrete blocks, and pay particular attention to really dirty areas. You can also spray some white vinegar on top of the hydrogen peroxide for some added cleaning power. Use a little elbow grease and then scrub those stains away. The hydrogen peroxide natural cleaner is one of the most gentle disinfectants and cleaners available, as it breaks down into oxygen and water. Oxygen bleach is another of the natural cleaners you can try. This natural cleaner is sold under several different brand names, and may often contain sodium percarbonate, which is sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide combined. Even the most affordable brands of oxygen bleach can make effective natural cleaners; you can look for them in the laundry detergent aisle. Mix two scoops of oxygen bleach natural cleaner with two tablespoons of water to make a thick paste for stubborn concrete block stains. Follow the instructions on the label of the oxygen bleach to make a more diluted solution that you can apply to your entire patio.

White vinegar natural cleaner is a form of acetic acid, which forms when sugars and starches become fermented. Not only is white vinegar safe enough to be consumed, but it also makes an excellent natural cleaner. Use two spray bottles for white vinegar-based natural cleaning and house cleaning tips. Fill one spray bottle with some pure vinegar, and the other with a solution of half white vinegar and half water. Use the diluted solution for general house cleaning tips and the full-strength white vinegar solution for the dirtiest areas. White vinegar also makes an effective, non-toxic weed killer for those weeds that pop up in small cracks in your patio. Baking soda natural cleaner is slightly abrasive, which makes it an excellent choice for cleaning rough surfaces on your patio. Mixed with water, natural baking soda helps to dissolve dirt and grease.

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