How to Clean Dirty Blinds

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When it comes to cleaning the house, dirty blinds are one of the trickiest tasks. But with this home cleaning recipe and natural homemade cleaning product, you will have the job done in no time, and you won't have to hire someone to do it for you. Cleaning the blinds is one of those home cleaning products that is easy to put off as it is so tedious to do. Many people don't know where to start to get the job done, but with this easy step by step tutorial and nontoxic cleaner, you will have super clean blinds again.

This easy step by step cleaning tutorial uses an ingredient you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinets. All it takes for this natural homemade cleaning product is some white distilled vinegar and some water in a bowl. And you won't need any expensive tools to get the job done, if you have a couple of old clean socks, these provide the perfect cleaning tools for sparkling clean blinds. And while this job can be a bit tedious, once you start you will get into a rhythm and be done in no time. You might even choose to do all the blinds in the house over a few days to break up the job. Once all of the slats have been done, you can slip the second old sock onto your hand and dry each slat off. You are sure to love the results.

Cleaning your blinds isn't the only cleaning task you can use white distilled vinegar for. White vinegar is an ingredient that can be used in plenty of natural homemade cleaning products to use safely around your family, and the environment. Some people think that white distilled vinegar is just for coloring Easter eggs and making pickles, but you might be surprised at the myriad of uses this inexpensive food ingredient can be used for. White distilled vinegar can be used for everything from home cleaning recipes to medicinal applications, and everything in between. White vinegar has a very long interesting history as it was discovered more than 10,000 years ago. Vinegar is a word that comes from the French who named it vin aigre, which means sour wine. Through the years you will find that vinegar has been made from a wide variety of raw materials other than grapes, from berries to fruits, from honey to beer, grains to potatoes and more. No matter the source, the process of making vinegar remains virtually unchanged and is produced from the natural sugars be fermented into alcohol, and then the secondary fermentation to produce vinegar. Vinegar is a versatile product.

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