How To Clean Leather Couches

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Leather upholstery is a dream come true – it’s so refined, luxurious, and comfortable-looking. Until, of course, it starts getting dirty and you have to clean it. Unfortunately, leather can wear and tear fairly quickly if it is not protected and cared for properly. How do we keep our leather upholstery looking shiny and new? Here’s how to clean leather couches, leather chairs, and even leather vehicle upholstery in just a few short, simple, and easy steps.

Before getting into how to houseclean your leather couch and other leather upholstery, it’s important to learn how to buy the best possible leather upholstery first. If you buy the highest quality leather couches, chairs, and so on, they will last much longer than they would if you had bought poor-quality ones. When you are purchasing leather upholstery, you need to know what different kinds of leather upholstery there are, and which might work best for your needs. The first thing to consider? Is your new leather furniture for a high-impact or a low-impact environment? A high-impact environment is one where the leather furniture will be used a great deal. If you have kids, pets, and lots of company, for example, that could be considered to be a high-impact environment where the furniture will be getting a lot of use. A low-impact environment, on the other hand, is a room that you will only use occasionally, perhaps just for special occasions, and one where adults will most often sit – perhaps even a room where pets will not be permitted. The two main kinds of leather upholstery that you can buy are unfinished and finished. Finished leather upholstery has a special outer coating that will help protect the leather from damage, while unfinished leather upholstery does not. Finished leather upholstery is also much easier to clean. If your new leather furniture is going into a busy family room, living room, or home media center, you might want to consider getting finished leather. If your new leather furniture is going into a guest room or special sitting room where the furniture won’t be getting extensive use, however, you can probably get away with the unfinished leather upholstery, which still looks beautiful but is far less expensive.

If your leather furniture is going into a high-traffic area, you will also want to make sure it’s made from top grain leather. Top grain leather is more expensive than low grain, but it will last much longer. When choosing your leather furniture, you will also want to ensure that it’s made entirely from leather and doesn’t have any vinyl filler. Vinyl is a much cheaper, man-made, material that will tear easily. The best way to tell if your leather furniture is genuine is by its smell. Does it smell like true leather? You can also tell by its texture. Genuine leather has a grain to it while vinyl tends to be completely smooth. You’ll also want to make sure that your leather furniture is well-built and upholstered onto a sturdy frame. While leather upholstery can make any frame construction look good, you need to know that your furniture is well made from the inside out, otherwise, it will not last very long.**

The best way to clean leather upholstery is to clean it using natural cleaning products. You can make natural leather cleaning products at home using just a few simple ingredients. DIY leather cleaner is easy to make, cleans leather just as well as any commercial cleaner, and it will save you a great deal of money. This excellent article on how to clean leather couches and other leather furniture comes from the My Cleaning Solutions website, where you can find lots of other helpful housecleaning tips and tricks.*

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