How to Clean Mold from Bathroom Floors

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It’s safe to say the bathroom is a haven for all different types of mold, and we often have to undergo invasive measures to get rid of mold growth rather than cleaning it. In the case of Inspectapedia’s article on how to remove mold from, they also explain how to identify molds and decide for yourself whether it is something that requires simple cleaning measures or if you have to take down walls or strip away tiles to get at a more serious issue, as water leaks. Of course, people never want to see mold growth in their bathroom, but if it a choice between looking at a bigger problem like a pipe leak and cleaning mold off shower tiles, they would undoubtedly prefer the latter issue. Unfortunately, cleaning mold in your bathroom won’t extend to just the shower area, but also to your bathroom floors, where moisture often collects.

If you are wondering how to remove mold, Inspectapedia presents many household cleaning products to rid yourself of mould on items and surfaces in your home. Firstly, bleach is highlighted as being a popular cleaner for getting rid of a significant amount of the mold in your bathroom. Inspectapedia instructs that bleach will, in fact, not kill all of the mold, only part of it and other methods should be resorted to instead. If you are wondering what kills mold in its entirety, the answer is that no household cleaner really can. While cleaning products like bleach, soap and water, and biocides will be employed, not all of them will be removed unless the exact mould reservoir can be identified and removed from the home in its entirety. In fact, Inspectopedia insists that the object is never to kill mold, rather tear away the infected area and remove it from your homes, or even just to clean the mold off your bathroom floor. This is because mold will give off dangerous toxins once it is killed, and therefore, is safer to remove rather than kill it. This is one of the most significant dangers of mold in your home, although it is dependent on the variety of mold.

In general, cleaning bathroom floors of the mold is very simple, since they are usually a non-porous surface. As long as the mold hasn’t found its way underneath the tiles, you will be able to surface clean without having to do an invasive cleaning of your bathroom. Inspectopedia informs that soap and water will work just as well as a diluted bleach solution for cleaning up mold on bathroom floors, so you could employ the same cleaner you use for kitchen floor cleaning to remove all mold from the surface. The type of mold cleaning product you choose to use will be dependent on the surface you are cleaning, as with any other cleaning task, which is why your kitchen floor cleaner will do wonders for cleaning your bathroom floor of mold. Thank you to Inspectapedia’s website for their detailed articles on identifying and safely removing mold from your homes.

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