How to Clean Silver in 10 Seconds

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Everyone has the scenario at one point or another where they need to polish up their silverware fast, whether it is because you have guests coming over for a holiday gathering or just want to get some spring cleaning done and are cleaning your home from top to bottom. Silver oxidizes naturally and becomes tarnished over time resulting in an unappealing appearance. Silverware cleaning products can be expensive, however, and require you to polish your silverware with a cloth, which can be time-consuming to do. Anton Barreto and Marissa Lopa, writers at, have excellent instructions for how to clean silver naturally and not have to polish them excessively to get gleaming results. Their instructions will make cleaning your silver an natural process and the fact that their cleaning method takes only ten seconds will make you wonder why you had never come across it before.

Anton and Marissa’s method for cleaning silverware naturally involves the unique ingredients of fabric softener, salt, and aluminum foil. Despite what you may be thinking, the aluminum foil is not meant to protect your sink, but rather plays a crucial part in cleaning silverware. The aluminum foil reacts with the fabric softener, which causes the tarnish on the silverware to transfer to the foil, resulting in shining silverware. If you are concerned about the toxic nature of fabric softener, an excellent replacement to this when cleaning silver utensils would be food safe baking soda. The hot water will be enough to activate the baking soda and cause the silver tarnishes to bind with the aluminum foil. This cleaning process may take more time than using the fabric softener, so just keep checking the silverware every few seconds to see if the tarnish comes off easily. For less tarnished pieces of silverware, you may even be able to resort to a simpler cleaning method of simply rubbing the silver with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. The acid in the lemon juice reacts with the baking soda to polish silver up quickly. The best news is that these silver cleaning methods can be applied to any item made from silver, including jewelry, so you can clean all you tarnished silver at one time. These cleaning instructions would do wonders for gold items as well. Perhaps you enjoy antiques and have purchased or inherited a set of antique silverware. This cleaning process should safely remove any tarnishing of the antique silverware and have them looking brand new.

As an alternative to lining your sink with aluminum foil in this method for cleaning silver, you could instead use a disposable foil tray and fill that with the water and fabric softener solution or baking soda solution instead. That way you won’t be contaminating your sink with the tarnished elements, and you can throw the aluminum foil tray away when you are done. Thank you to Anton Barreto and Marissa Lopa, authors at, for sharing their method for how to clean silver in 10 seconds.**

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