How to clean spilled glitter in 10 seconds

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If you've ever used glitter, you know just how easily it can get everywhere. You might be working on a craft idea or DIY idea with the kids, only moments later to have the whole room covered with the sparkly stuff. The good news is that with this simple life hack using play-doh you'll be able to get rid of all that mess. This simple life hack makes cleaning up fun.

When you think of playdoh, usually you think of playtime with the kids, but this product has several other uses that might surprise you. For starters you will want to know this simple life hack that refreshes old playdoh, this DIY idea is helpful regardless of what you want to use modeling compound for. When playdoh is not fresh, it is almost impossible to use, as it crumbles everywhere, at this stage you feel it is ready to throw away. But before you throw the playdoh away consider trying this DIY idea. Flatten out the playdoh and put some drops of water on the playdoh and work the water into the playdoh. Add as much water as needed to get the playdoh the right consistency and feeling fresh again. This simple life hack will get the playdoh feeling just like brand new. This diy idea works so well as it is restoring the moisture back into the playdoh again. Once your playdoh is like new again, you can use it for a variety of simple life hacks. The first diy idea uses playdoh as a cell phone stand. For this simple life hack, form the playdoh into a U shape, then flatten the bottom so it will sit down on the table. You can then prop your cell phone up on the playdoh, so you have a stand. Another shape that will work for this playdoh simple life hack is starting off with a U shape again, then flattening the top of the playdoh to let the cell phone sit.

Another diy idea you can do involves the playdoh container. Use the playdoh container and poke a hole in the lid. Then get a pencil sharpener and attach it to the lid of the playdoh container. You can attach the pencil sharpener using some crazy glue or some hot glue. Put the lid back on the playdoh container, and you have a pencil sharpener. The container will catch all of the pencil shavings, so they don't make a mess. This is a great diy idea that makes recycling fun. Another simple life hack that uses playdoh is using playdoh as spackle to fill any holes in your walls. Use white playdoh for white walls, fill the holes in your walls, making sure to smooth out once the playdoh fills the hole. Let the playdoh dry until it is hard, and then your walls are ready to paint. This diy idea is easy to do and will leave your walls looking like new again. Another simple life hack using playdoh that you wouldn't expect is using the modeling compound to erase pencil. Next time you can't find your eraser, and you are working on some homework, grab some white playdoh, and form it into a makeshift eraser. It might not hold together quite as well as a regular eraser, but it will do the trick so you can finish up what you were working on.

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