How To Clean Stained Mugs WITHOUT Scrubbing

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Almost everyone has a favorite mug they drink tea or coffee out of from morning to night, but unfortunately, these drinks have the capacity to stain porcelain drinking vessels to the point that no amount of scrubbing will help. Rather than cleaning stained mugs the traditional way in a sink full of soapy water, Kristina, the author of ‘The Greening of Westford’ lifestyle blog, has another solution that will leave your stained coffee mugs gleaming. This cleaning method will require some soaking, but there shouldn’t be any more scrubbing after the fact, making this the easiest process for cleaning mugs ever.

If you are an aficionado for neat house cleaning tips and tricks, you will adopt Kristina’s method for cleaning stained mugs quickly and love the results. It involves one of the best cleaning products, baking soda, which is known to whiten teeth, so it only makes sense that it would clean porcelain cups adequately as well. Daily cleaning of stained mugs and cups will reduce stains, but for those times that your cups require particularly detailed cleaning, Kristina’s baking soda and water cleaning method works like a charm. To start, you fill your mug with a generous amount of baking soda, at least a quarter cup, but more if the coffee or tea stains are more severe. Then, you fill the mug to the top with boiling water. The stained mug will require sitting for at least fifteen minutes, but it is always safest to let it soak for longer to ensure adequate removal of stains. This process should eliminate the need to scrub the stains because it will lift the stains off the mug naturally. For more scrubbing action, consider adding a small amount of lemon juice to your mug. Vinegar is a good choice too, but can sometimes leave a lingering taste which can be undesirable.

Household cleaning tips are always helpful for those items that you don’t think about cleaning or have a difficult time cleaning, and this baking soda trick is certainly one of them. You could test this cleaning method on all of your cups and mugs, not just the ones made out of porcelain, and you could try it on stained bowls as well when they are particularly dirty. Using baking soda for mug cleaning is a much more natural alternative to bleach products, which you might use to whiten the cups and mugs in your pantry when they are stained. You wouldn’t use bleach by choice in your cooking, so it only makes sense that you adopt a food safe ingredient, like baking soda, in your daily cleaning rituals. With people’s growing concerns about chemical cleaning products, solutions involving natural cleaning products like baking soda are growing in popularity. If you don’t feel like your mug will be sanitized enough after employing this baking soda method, however, just use this method to remove the stains and afterward soak the cup in a sink of hot, soapy water for thorough sanitization. Thank you to Kristina, the author of ‘The Greening of Westford’, for sharing her method for how to clean stained mugs without scrubbing.**

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