How To Clean Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

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This simple cleaning method for getting rid of stains on stainless steel pots and pans will have your pans gleaming like new. Over time, stainless steel takes on discolouration regardless of whether you have burned anything on it or not, and often, cleaning with soap and water won’t help. If you want to know how to clean stainless steel pots, check out Jovana’s blog, ‘Taste of August’, where she gives easy cleaning tips for getting your pots back to brand new. When she found herself with the challenge of trying to remove stains from her favorite pots, she found cleaning the stains off was impossible with warm soapy water; rather, she had to resort to a powdered cleaning solution to pull the stains away. This powder was Comet cleaner, which safely cleans metal objects without scratching.

By pouring some Comet powder onto the stained surface, adding a small amount of water, and boiling for a short time, the stains on the stainless steel surface will loosen. A cloth should be able to remove the excess without any scrubbing. For extra tough stains, you may have to employ this cleaning practice once again, but rest assured that your pots and pans will look like new. Since the Comet cleaning product has some bleach and other chemicals in it, you may not feel one hundred percent safe using it on your pots and pans where your food will be touching, however. If cleaning with Comet concerns you, Jovana offers you another idea to use powdered dish detergent on your pots instead. Since you use this for cleaning your dishes already, it will be perfectly safe to use on your cookware.

If you prefer natural home remedies for cleaning pots and pans, beyond detergents and chemical cleaners, there are equally powerful ingredients you can find right in your kitchen. All you need is the foaming action of baking soda, a little bit of vinegar, and water, and you can follow Jovana’s methods one-by-one. Baking soda and water are natural food safe ingredients that you can feel good about using on all surfaces in your home, especially your kitchen where food may be exposed to whatever cleaning product you are using. Baking powder is lightly abrasive and won’t damage the surface areas of your pots and pans, while the vinegar and warm water will cause it to foam and cut through the stains and grease. If there are stains left in the pot after boiling, you can rub it off with a cloth, or for particularly tough stains, apply some salt before scrubbing which will be another safe abrasive material that will cut through the last of the stains. Cleaning pots and pans will never be a dreaded endeavor again with Jovana’s easy methods for removing stains. No matter if you use Comet, powdered dish detergent, or baking soda, you will be happy with the results. Thank you to Jovana, the author of ‘Taste of August’, for sharing her steps for cleaning stains from stainless steel pots and pans.**

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