How To Clean That Dirty Refrigerator

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How to Clean Your Refrigerator. Cleaning the refrigerator may not be your favorite job, but it must be done. It is amazing just how quickly this valuable kitchen appliance can either start to smell or get drops of jam or some other sticky mess that begin to appear. Your refrigerator is one of your best friends as far as an appliance goes and if you are ever in a position where the power goes out for a few days, or the refrigerator breaks down, you quickly remember how important this 'taken for granted' appliance is.]

The refrigerators of today have evolved over the past several decades. The Ice Box was introduced in the 1800's. The Ice Box lasted into the 20's & 30's. At that point, an alternate form of the electric unit with a cooling unit on top came along. These were very expensive at that time as they were not mass produced. The refrigerator that we are familiar with found its place into the majority of American homes in the 1940's. Along with this, came a beginning to food safety. In the 1950's style and improvements came along that offered energy-efficient and design-conscious models.

So now that we have a new knowledge and respect for this appliance, lets get some tips on how to keep it clean. In order to have food safety, the first thing is to remember to toss out any food that is not looking so good. It is rather amazing how those refrigerator drawers can start to look a little more like compost piles than they should. Yes, we could go into a big tutorial on cleaning veggies and how to store them, but this is about cleaning the refrigerator so we will stick to that.

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