How to Clean That Timber Deck

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We have been living in our home for a couple of years now, and the once beautiful natural wooden deck is not looking so new anymore. Although we sweep it and keep it very nice, it has discolored. We spend a great deal of time enjoying this outdoor area, and I have many large plants and even a small herb garden on the deck. I also have one section that we have a great upright layered planter that we grow spring veggies such as spinach and lettuce in.

This spring we really want to refurbish and clean the deck to get it back to a natural wood colored state. We would like to get it done before the nice hot weather arrives, and we are out there all the time again.So just what is an easy (if there is easy) way to get the job done?

The tip we are featuring in this article will answer this question. To revive that deck naturally, a pressure washer is the solution. Washing the wood with under high pressure will remove algae, moss, dirt and stains, and all you use is water. You must first move all the pots and movable items out of the way so you can clean under them. Next is sweeping debris off the deck. Check out the prices of hi-pressure washers and if it is in your budget to buy a good powerful one, then you may want to go this route as the washer will become your best friend to keep your outside areas clean. If you do not want to purchase one, check your local tool rental place and rent a hi-powered machine for a day.

There are a few tricks to doing a good job. You don't want to hold the nozzle to close to the wood for fear of damage as it is a very hi-pressure stream of water coming out. You don't want to hover in one spot for fear of wood damage and you don't want to go over one certain area several times as you will have a hard time matching the rest of the washed deck. You want to wash all areas the same. This is very easy to do, and you can also wash your paving stones, and other areas outdoors.

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