How to Clean the Crud from Your Baking Sheets

Photo Credit: YouTube - Rachel Ray Show

Baking sheets are the perfect multi-use item in the kitchen from roasting a one-pan dinner to baking a batch of cookies. Cooking on a baking sheet will require a protective layer of aluminum foil or parchment paper, but for those times that food residues seep through, or you decide you will get better results by just cooking on the pan surface, you will require some convenient cleaning solutions to remove burnt on bits. Luckily, Geoffrey Zakarian, a Chef, and restauranteur came up with the best kitchen cleaner to make cleaning baking pans easy and pain-free. He presented his easy cleaning method on the Rachael Ray Show, and his demonstration can be viewed in a video on YouTube. His method involves allowing the pan to soak with a special ingredient, fabric softener sheets.

Fabric softener sheets aren’t the best option if you are into living green or chemical-free cleaning products, but for times when you are in a pinch, in particular with your baking pans, they can help return your baking sheets to new condition and prevent you from spending money on new ones. Depending on how much you use your baking sheets, this cleaning process may only have to be implemented once or twice a year to keep your baking sheets shiny and new. Once you have cleaned your baking sheets, you can wash them normally with dish soap and water, which will cleanse the baking sheets of the chemicals in the fabric softener sheets.

As far as helpful house cleaning tips and tricks go, using fabric softener sheets is an everyday trend. They have been used in several home cleaning tasks, from wiping stainless steel faucets to dusting furniture. In the case of cleaning burnt-on baking sheets, using fabric softener sheets is effective, but will take some time. The good news is that this time will largely be hands-off time, which means you don’t have to linger over your baking sheet for very long. Depending on the severity of the stain, you may want to allow your pan to soak for a few hours or overnight. During soaking, the stains should lift from the pan and pour off when you remove the water. If not, a simple scrub with a cloth should finish the job. If a chemical cleaner isn’t your thing, alternative kitchen cleaning tips involve the use of baking soda. Simply soak the same baking sheet with a mixture of warm water and baking soda, and allow to rest until the stains are easy to wipe off.

Using a fabric softener is one of the best kitchen cleaners because it can help return any burnt pot, roasting pan or casserole dish to brand new, and not just baking sheets. The cleaning process for any pot or pan would be the same as Geoffrey Zakarian’s method for baking sheets. Thank you, to the Rachael Ray show and Geoffrey Zakarian for showing us how to clean burnt baking sheets with fabric softener sheets.

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