How to clean the ICKY crevises around sinks and stoves

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Cleaning is never anyone's favourite thing to do, but it must be done none the less. The kitchen and the bathroom are the areas of the home that need to be cleaned more regularly than other areas of the home since they see more messes and get more use usually. The kitchen is used at least a few times a day, if not more if you have kids in the house. All of the food prep tends to make a mess, and after a while, it's easy to let the mess get out of control. That's why it's great to clean your kitchen up at least once a week, giving it a good cleaning. If not, at the end of each day to really stay on top of the mess. Once you make a routine out of it, you'll notice that it really isn't that hard to keep up with at all. There are also cleaning tips and tricks that make certain jobs much easier than they would be otherwise. If you have a glass stove top, you might love that it's so easy to clean up. You just take a cloth and give it a good wipe down; there are no parts and pieces to remove and clean separately like there are with electric and gas ranges. One of the things about the glass cooktops is the gunk that builds up on the edges of the stove. You will also find this happening around the spouts of sinks in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Meredith hates seeing that grime built up in the crevices, so she has come up with a super easy cleaning tip to share with us. With this cleaning tip, cleaning stoves with glass tops will become so easy, and they will look absolutely clean once again with no gunk trapped in the edges. All you need is a rag and a knife. Just get that cloth damp with some warm water, or with some natural cleaner. Then, using the edge of the knife, carefully run it through the little crevice around the outside of your cooktop. The grime and gunk will start collecting on the knife, so with each pass, just wipe the knife off with your rag rinsing it out as needed. Once you've removed a good majority of the grime, you can then spray some natural cleaner in the crevices and rinse them out completely and then dry them with a dry, clean cloth. Some people even use dental floss to clean that area which you could try out, but Meredith says the knife works so great that she's never tried the dental floss method.

She does suggest using toothpicks too if you have some really tight areas to get into. Or, you could use a cleaning toothbrush to scrub these areas too. The little bristles get into those spaces that a cloth won't. To clean the bottom of your faucets, you can also use these methods. Just take the knife and run it along the space between the bottom of the faucet and the countertop. You'll pull out all of the nasty gunk and grime, and then you can spray it with a natural cleaner. If you have some hard water build up in these areas on a faucet, just use plain vinegar to remove them. Simply soak a cloth in plain vinegar and then place it around the bottom of the faucet and let it sit for several hours or overnight. Then, take the cloth off and it will be easier to remove the hard water deposits. Try out these great cleaning tips in your home and share them with others.***

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