How To Clean Tough Burnt Stains Off Stainless Cookware

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There is almost nothing worse than cleaning a burnt stain off of a stainless steel pot because hot soapy water isn’t always enough. Pot cleaning usually requires more time than you may want to devote to washing dishes and sometimes you may even feel the need to soak pots overnight only to find that it didn’t help loosen the stains from the pot. This process is not only a waste of time but also clutters your kitchen making it unpleasant to go in there first thing in the morning. When it comes to cleaning pots, there is nothing better than a using a natural cleaning method that you can feel sure is safe, but also saves you time in the kitchen. If you are wondering how to remove burnt stains from stainless steel, the process is far simpler than you could ever imagine. All this cleaning process requires is that you fill your burnt pot with water on the stove and boil for a period. Then you drain the blackened water and scrub it with some baking soda. This process works extremely well for when you are cleaning caramel or candy syrup from your stainless steel pot after the candy-making process as well. Candy making is something you may find yourself using your stainless steel pots for in the future, so having a good method for cleaning candy off your pots is crucial.

This method for how to clean stainless steel pots and pans comes from ‘The Kitchn’ food and lifestyle blog and gives detailed instructions along with photos of the process from start to finish. The cleaning instructions even tell you what materials and equipment you will need to clean your burnt-on pots and pans successfully so that they are good as new. The best thing about these cleaning instructions is that they are mostly hands-off, meaning that you can step back and do all the other things you have to do without standing over the sink and scrubbing your pots. This process could even work well for any cookware items that you primarily use in the oven. If you aren’t sure if a burnt-on baking dish or pan is safe to place on the stove, you could follow the same steps of ‘The Kitchn’ blog’s cleaning process, but simply place the item in question in the oven at a high temperature instead. To jumpstart the process, you could even fill the stained item with boiling water, then place in the oven to simmer until the burnt spot is loosened.

Home remedies for cleaning pots and pans are helpful for those wanting to use cleaners with natural ingredients, especially if you have pets or children in your household. By sticking with baking soda and water, you can feel assured that no one in your household will be coming into contact with anything that isn’t food safe. This cleaning method also means that you won’t have to use anything abrasive on your stainless steel pots and pans, which may damage them. Thank you to Emma at ‘The Kitchn’ blog for showing us how to clean tough burnt stains off stainless steel cookware.**

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