How to Clean Votives

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Thank you Martha for this helpful tip! If you are a candle burner, than you certainly have had it happen when you frustrated 'spring cleaned' away all of your candles and their beautiful glass holders. There is nothing worse for me than having done this out of laziness and the urge to get rid of things, and then wish that I had taken the time to do it right. The times that I tried to pry and scrape out the old candles, I ended up not only making a mess but sometimes even breaking the glass entirely.

The only thing was that up until now, I had never been introduced to this method of cleaning votive candles, and boy is it easy! For the full method, check out the link below to the Martha Stewart website.

If you are ready to buy some new candles and want the healthiest ones on the market, here are some tips on buying healthier candles. Many of you may not realize but the candles that you burn emit into the air (which means you breathe in), the compounds that they are made of, so it is important if you burn a lot of candles to be buying the best ones. Many candles also contain artificial scents and dyes, which release additional chemicals when burned.

Tips for buying votive candles:

The best option by far are beeswax candles. One alternative is soy-based candles, but the majority of soy is genetically modified, and I prefer to not use soy at all. The best alternative Ive found is beeswax candles, which are not only safe, but have the added benefit of helping clean indoor air. Beeswax candles are a source of negative ions, and can help reduce indoor air pollution.

Now head on over to the Martha Stewart website for more on cleaning your votive candles with this awesome and easy technique!

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