How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

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One of the first things I learned when I bought my home was just how much maintenance there was. One of the things I taught myself was how to clean your air conditioner condenser unit. It may sound complicated, but it is much easier than you think, not much harder than understanding your vacuum cleaner, furnace, or other similar mechanisms in your home.

It is worth the effort to know the basics about all the mechanisms in your home. That way you can trouble shoot problems that might arise and know when you need to call a repair service. The Pros know what they are doing, but they will also bill you accordingly for their expert services. So if you can learn to master the routine chores and save the real specializations for them, you can probably also save yourself quite a bit of money over time.

Too often we ignore the little indicators that tell us something might be wrong. That draft you feel? Could be a hole somewhere in your basement, wallboards or elsewhere thats not just letting in a draft, but every little critter looking for a nesting spot. That stain on your ceiling? Could be a leak that has expanded to dry rot, mold, or other major issue that could now cost big bucks to repair. It is well worth your time to know and understand what you need to watch for and what the fundamentals are in caring for your home to be sure that it stays in top shape for you and your family for years to come.

This website offers an easy to follow series of steps and explanations on the parts of an air conditioner and how you can check to be sure it is working well, and what parts you can maintain to save yourself some money on the service call. There are some parts that only a service person can address such as replenishing Freon, or replacing certain worn parts. Other steps and concerns you can address yourself.

There are safety concerns when you work with machinery such as your air conditioning unit. Be absolutely certain the power to the unit is turned off. The best way to do this is with another person. Do not attempt any work on the air conditioner until you are sure this step has been completed. When you do work such as this, be sure you are wearing gloves, sturdy boots and that your body is protected against wires, possible sharp materials or anything else that could scrape or cut you.

If you keep your air conditioner maintained each year you can be sure of many years of cool and comfortable temperatures inside your house.

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