How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan in Seconds

Photo Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee

Super Awesome Super Easy Way to Clean your Ceiling fans is now to be revealed! Ceiling fans are meant to not only be functional; they are meant to add beauty to a room. When your new fan gets installed, you notice it for awhile as it is a new part of the room, and you admire it spinning and lighting up the room. Then, the novelty wears off and the next thing that happens, is one day you look up and there it is that very ugly build up of grimy dust. You spot it and say to yourself, "I've got to remember get up there and clean that ugly dust off." Because the fan is up high, this ritual of you seeing it & making the same comment to yourself may happen a few times over a few weeks. It just seems to be 'one of those chores' that is a hassle.

The worst ceiling fans to look at are in the bedroom because that is a daily reminder when you lay down at night to go to sleep. There is no avoiding seeing the dust when you are in the horizontal position! Again you say, I've got to clean that dusty fan! Then morning comes; life happens and again it is forgotten!

Why Oh Why is this such a big deal? Probably because it means getting out a high stool, or a ladder or climbing on something. If it is the fan in the bedroom, then it means dust is going to fall on the bedspread when you do it. No matter what room, the dust IS going to fall off of the dusting cloth to whatever is below.

The usual method is using paper towels or a dust rag, and it is always a little messy even when you are careful. Well, here it is. A super BRILLIANT idea that is trending on Pinterest.

Its the Pillow Case method! You simple need to slide the pillow case over the blade and wipe. The dust goes into the pillow case! Repeat with all the blades. Instead of all the gunky dust being knocked off the blades onto whatever is below it (including yourself), the dust gets contained in the pillow case. Each blade only takes a few seconds to do.To see photos and more, please visit the 'One Good Thing by Jillee' website below.

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