How To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor

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How to clean your dirty basement floor? When we’re cleaning house, the place we most often neglect, forget about, or downright ignore is… the basement. Especially when it has a raw concrete floor. It has to be the most uninviting place in the entire house – yet, it still needs to be cleaned regularly; in fact, it probably has to be cleaned even more frequently than any other room. Why? Because it’s a basement, and basements tend to get dirty faster – especially when they are unfinished. And of the entire basement, it’s usually the floor that’s the toughest to clean. It seems like it’s simply a magnet for particles, spills, fine dust, and that whitish powdery substance called efflorescence.

So, how to get the job done? First of all, you will need to declutter your basement, especially if there’s a lot of storage happening down there. When you have less stuff sitting around, your floor will be a lot easier to clean. Sort through what you need and what you no longer use. If it’s been packed in a box for over a year, then you probably don’t need it. Give those baby clothes away to someone who’s expecting – for that matter, give away whatever you can. Take the rest to Goodwill or have a garage sale, or both. Just get rid of the stuff. It may seem like an onerous task at the time, but it will be well worth it in the end – you’ll feel a great sense of relief afterwards. Our basements are often used as a dumping ground, and when we dump too much, we tend to develop an aversion to going down there at all. Reclaiming your basement will lighten your load. Now that your basement is clear, it will be a lot easier to accomplish the next few tasks.

You will want to make sure there's ample lighting for the task at hand. Are you able to see the floor? If not, then you might want to bring in a portable industrial light, or even install a new fixture – just so you can see exactly what the situation is; you can’t clean a basement floor if you’re not seeing it properly. Once you can see, then you’ll want to move what’s left of your stuff to one room in the basement, or at least a corner, so the rest of the floor is bare.

First, wash down the walls of the room or corner and then sweep it spotless, then mop it with an old-fashioned string mop. This will help cut down on dust later on. Allow the walls and floor to dry, then move all of your storage items, furniture, and so on, over to this spot – this frees up the rest of the basement, particularly the floor. To find out the last few steps, you’ll need to read the full article. These excellent basement floor cleaning tips come from the LouLou Girls website, where you can learn lots of other helpful homemaking hints from four experts who really know their stuff.*

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