How to Clean Your Food Processor or Blender in 20 Seconds

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Kitchen hacks, kitchen hacks..we love kitchen hacks! How often do you use your blender of your food processor and then get super daunted by the idea of having to pick through all the blades and bits and pieces to clean it out. Perhaps your blend of food processor just sits on your counter or in a cupboard because you dread the clean up process so much. As a cook who loves her food processor, I know what a shame it is when people let this tool go to waste in their kitchen because they just do not want to clean it. When I came across this post from "Preetys Kitchen" on a quick way to clean your blender or food processor, it only seemed fair share it with our entire group so that just maybe more of you would dig that appliance out of your dusty cupboard and makes some good use of it, like making some hummus or slicing up cabbage! It really will save more time in the kitchen if you can bare the process of cleaning.

Is that not true for most things in the kitchen, that if we and find handy ways to make them easier and quicker and less of a hassle, that we might change our ways and actually use them!

If you do not even have time to visit the post to Preetys Kitchen to find out this awesome little tip, then at the very least, be sure to take the 2 seconds to soak your food processor bowl and blade in some water so that the food does not stick and harden and then become absolutely impossible to get off.

For this awesome little tip on How to Clean Your Food Processor or Blender in 20 Seconds, visit the website link below to 'Preetys Kitchen'.

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