How to Clean Your Fridge Coils

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Do you ever get around to cleaning your refrigerator coils? If not, you may want to consider doing this more often. Not only will your home be cleaner, but you'll also save yourself some money too. When dust accumulates on your refrigerator coils, it can cause your fridge to work harder which results in using more energy. But when you clean off all of the dust, your fridge can work properly which will result in lower energy bills. Plus, it will help keep your fridge in tip-top shape so that it will last longer, so you don't have to buy a new one so soon. Since the space under and behind your fridge is hard to reach it can be difficult to clean out all of the dust, and if you have pets, there will most likely be a ton of animal hair under it and on the coils at the back too. DeeDee from Hometalker says that since she has pets, she cleans under and behind her fridge once a month, then twice a year she opens the back and cleans inside the back. If you don't have pets, you could get away with cleaning under and behind your fridge less often so just do what works for you.

This is a great cleaning tip and simple life hack for cleaning your fridge coils making it easier than you might think. To start out, pull out your fridge from the wall and then ensure your electricity to the fridge is off by unplugging your fridge. Then, you'll take a screwdriver and remove the back cover. Get your high powered vacuum and use the thinnest attachment to get all of the dust and hair out of the back part of your fridge. Just be careful not to cause any damage to the coils though. Once you've vacuumed as much dust and hair out as you can, take a damp paper towel or cloth and wipe out any leftover dust. You can also clean the walls and baseboards around the fridge as well as the floor which probably has a lot of dust on it too. Also, the sides of the fridge can be wiped down at this time too. Then, you can clean the front vent of the fridge. The vent is the area at the bottom of the fridge. You can just snap it off and then vacuum all of the dust out of that area too and clean the vent cover in the sink with some dish soap and water.

Then, you can put everything back in place and return the fridge itself to its spot. You may even want to take this time to clean out the inside of your fridge too. If so, just remove all of the contents of your fridge and put them on your counters and table, or in a cooler if they need to stay cool. Then, take some hot water and soap and wipe out the inside of the fridge and freezer with a cloth dipped in the water and soap. Wash all of the shelves and the walls, as well as the cubbies in the door. When you're all done, put all of the items back. Or, one of the simple life hacks you can try out is lining your shelves with some press and seal wrap or shelf liner. So the next time you go to clean the inside of your fridge all you have to do is remove and replace the shelve liners. Enjoy these cleaning tips and simple life hacks and find more on the Hometalk website.***

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