How to Clean your Front Load Washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps

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High-efficiency front-loading washing machines are great for saving energy, water and money on water and electricity bills. They also tend to wash clothes really well, and they are so high-tech with many different settings and options for wash cycles. Some of them even have self-cleaning cycles. Despite all of the high-tech advancements, there are some downsides to the front-loading washing machines including unpleasant odours and even mold growth. Most people don't know where the odour is coming from, but when they have a look around the door seal of their front-loading washing machine, there is usually some mold growing there which is causing the odour. This is usually caused by too much water sitting in the rubber seal around the door that creates the perfect place for mold to grow. Plus there is soap residue and dirt that also builds up in there which can also start to smell after awhile. To prevent odours in your rubber washer door seam, it's important to clean it out regularly. It's also important to keep it as dry as possible too because the moisture is what attracts mold and mildew to grow. There are natural cleaners you can use and simple cleaning tips you can try out that will help you clean your washing machine easily.

You'll also want to clean the basin or drum where you put your clothing too, and there are some cleaning tips you can try out for that as well. Like the seal around the door of your front-loading washing machine, the drum of your washing machine also needs a good clean regularly. Soap scum and residue can build up in the drum, and it can block the water from coming through to rinse your clothes properly. The soap residue and dirt built up in the drum can also cause bacterial growth and mold growth which can cause those funky odours as well. Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee shares her cleaning tips with us on how to get a cleaner washing machine using natural cleaners you will probably already have at home. If you don't have any of these cleaners they are really easy to get at any grocery store, and even some dollar stores carry these ingredients for cheaper. For these cleaning tips, you'll need white distilled vinegar and bleach. Since bleach is not natural, if you're trying to use only natural cleaners, you can use vinegar instead of the bleach if you like. But if you don't mind using bleach, go ahead and use it.

To wash the drum of your washing machine, it needs to be completely empty. If your washing machine has a clean cycle or a tub clean setting, then use that. If it doesn't have either of those settings or anything similar, you can just use the hottest and largest setting on your washer. You're going to add some vinegar to your machine and let it run through its cycle completely empty. The vinegar will help to dissolve any build up or soap scum, plus it will kill any mold or mildew and any bacteria that's living in the machine. You need to do a second rinse cycle though, so you'll run your machine through another hot cycle to rinse all of the vinegar and the dirt out. You should notice that your machine will run much smoother after you clean it using these cleaning tips. To clean the rubber seal around the door, just take some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it inside the seams of the rubber door seal. Then wipe it out and dry it well. Try out all of the cleaning tips from Jillee to get your washer smelling and looking as good as new.***

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