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If you have a front loading High Efficiency (HE) laundry machine and your clothes have been coming out smelly, you need to try these cleaning tips. HE washers use less water, and they also use cold water which uses less energy. Your HE washer may require you to use a specific detergent that suds up less than other detergents and that will work best in cold water. You can find a laundry detergent that will be best suited for your HE washer in the laundry detergent isle at the store. Just look for something on the label of the laundry detergent that says that it works well in HE washers and in cold water. There are different laundry detergent brands that are specifically for cold water use like Tide Cold Water for instance. You'll find that these laundry detergent brands will work much better than any others in your HE washer.

Ending up with a smelly washer and stinky clothes when using an HE washer is actually a fairly common problem, and many people experience this. Because the HE machines use less water and use cold water instead of hot water, detergent residue, mildew and minerals can build up inside of your laundry machine. All of the build up causes your machine to run less than optimally, causing the machine to smell and your clothes to come out less clean. Fortunately, there are some cleaning tips you can implement every time you wash a load of laundry. You also need to clean out your HE washer at least once every month. To maintain the cleanliness of your machine, always be sure to leave the door of the front loading washer open to prevent bacteria and mildew from growing. Also, wipe down the rubber around the door every once in a while to dry it off and clean it up. When you close the door of your front loading washer, you're creating the perfect breeding ground for all of the mildew and bacteria to thrive. So just leave it open a little after every load.

To clean your washer out, first, be sure there are no clothes in it. Then, fill it with hot water and set it to the Largest Load. You may also notice that your HE machine has a cleaning setting, and if yours does, use this setting. Then add in 2 cups of vinegar to the water and let it run through the wash and rinse cycle. Then, fill up the washer again with hot water, and set it to the largest load setting. Add 2 cups of bleach to the water this time and let it run through it's wash and rinse cycle. Once that's done, then you just run the machine through one more wash and rinse cycle to rinse out the vinegar, bleach and anything remaining. Have a good look at the rubber seal for mould and mildew and pull it back to see beneath the rubber. Create a mixture of 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of warm water and with a cloth, wipe down the seal with the solution. Leave the bleach on the rubber for a few minutes and then rinse it off with plain water. This should kill any mould or mildew that creates that smell in your machine. You can also clean your soap dispensers too. If they are removable, take them out and soak them in warm water, then clean them well and dry them off before returning them to their place. After implementing these cleaning tips, your machine should work as good as new, and your clothes should come out perfectly clean.***

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