How To Clean Your Glass Stovetop With Baking Soda YES it really works

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So what about cleaning your glass stovetop? Do you already have a simple solution? I have had my new glass top stove for just over a year now. I was so excited to be getting a new stove after years and years of cooking on the coil top version. The coil top I had was pretty ancient, and only two burners worked plus it was not much fun to clean.

When the new stove was installed, I was thinking, well, this will never need cleaning. The top was so pretty and shiny and smooth! Surprise, surprise for me. This type of stove top also gets grimy! When you have food boil over or there is spatter from the frying pan when you are making up the Sunday morning bacon and eggs, no denying it, cooking food can make any surface dirty.

I, of course, was convinced at the time of purchase to buy the 'Cook Top Cleaning Creme for smooth top ranges' when I purchased the stove. I was surprised that it was quite pricey but didn't think there was any other way for my fancy new stove. Up until I came across this article from 'Behind the Studio' I never considered an alternative.

Truthfully, that toxic cleaner I was using, didn't really do a very good job at all, and I would have to wear rubber gloves and use the 'special' non-abrasive scrubber with it. I read the label, and all it says on it is CAUTION: Eye irritant and Keep Out Of Reach of Children. Oddly until today I did not read this label, and it does not even say what it is made of.

Baking soda is the main ingredient in our suggested alternative kitchen cleaner. It is an amazing product with more applications than you might have realized. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used baking soda to create the paint they used for their hieroglyphics? True fact.

Baking soda can not only be used in cooking but also to clean up cooking spills, as a cleaner for baked on messes (like your glass stove top) and even to help settle an upset stomach. It is also a mild astringent, can remove odors and clean clothes. The list doesn't stop there, but we will. For all its abilities baking soda is non-toxic (well, unless you eat it) and even though it can be a bit rough on your skin if you rub it on as a solid, when it's dissolved it can be used to disinfect and soothe irritated skin. So keep baking soda on hand, and not just for baking.

In any case, my stove top was in need of cleaning. It had two nasty, grimy areas from the meals I had cooked a couple days back when I had a 'boil-over'! I followed the instructions exactly as Jayna laid out, and I am happy to report that her method works very well. I will never use the toxic cleaner again. Please be redirected to Behind The Studio just below for a photographic illustration how to clean your glass stovetop! You'll be glad you did.

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