How to Clean Your Kitchen Floors

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If you are looking for a more eco friendly way to clean the floors in your home, this great article Easy Step by Step Clean Kitchen Floor with Eco Friendly Cleaners will be a wonderful source of great information for you to read. Julie, from Naturally Bubbly is very well experienced in home cleaning using eco friendly items. She has her own cleaning business and she gravitates toward using natural clean products and eco friendly materials from eco friendly companies to clean her client's homes. On her wonderful blog, Naturally Bubbly, she shares with us her very favourite home cleaning products that are mostly natural cleaners, that have a very low if any impact on the environment. She shares other green living tips that make living green super easy and super affordable.

Eco products and natural commercial cleaning products that you purchase at the store can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side. But if you look to your cupboard, you can find many of the ingredients you use for cooking and baking can also be used for household cleaning supplies. Sometimes the best cleaning products can be the ones that are right in our own kitchen. When it comes to floor cleaning products, there are so many different types and brands that claim that they are the best cleaning products. But really, they all do essentially the same thing. Sure a swiffer wet mop makes it easier by having the little jet that shoots out water and cleaning solution for you, but the swiffer wet mop is not a green cleaning product. So if you are trying to keep your products only eco products, then it is best to stay away from the flashy products and big name brands.

As Julie writes about in her article, floor mopping can be different for each different type of flooring. So for example, if you were using natural cleaners like vinegar, you wouldn't want to use it on a ceramic glazed tile floor. Vinegar, however is an excellent natural clean product that can be used to clean Polyurethane Hardwood floors when it is diluted with some water. Another great eco friendly item to use instead of a swiffer wet mop is getting a mop with a fabric cloth that can be attached on to clean your floors, once you are finished, the reusable cloth can be washed in your washing machine. This is a great eco product to use and won't create a lot of waste like the swiffer wet mops do. So if you are still even using the old mop and bucket, now is the time to upgrade to a natural cleaning product that won't get full of bacteria, mildewy and smelly because you are washing it after you use it each time.

So even though cleaning floors might seem like you need some fancy chemical filled products, you don't really need much else than some vinegar that you probably have in your kitchen already. Using eco friendly items like vinegar helps to decrease the amount of toxic waste water and helps to keep our water and our Earth clean. If you are always using chemicals on your floors, think of what this could be doing to your pets and your children too. The less chemicals we use in our households the better and the more natural cleaners we can be using, the better off we will all be and Mother Earth will thank us in the long run. You can find tones of amazing green living tips on Julie's website and try them out in your very own home. Enjoy green cleaning and living green. **

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