How to clean your microfiber furniture the safe and easy way

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Cleaning furniture might not be at the top of your regular weekly cleaning list, but it's definitely something that needs to be done every so often. If you have microfiber furniture, you know that it's generally pretty easy to clean, but if you have pets or kids, it may get dirtier than you can manage. Microfiber is a synthetic fibre that's made up of very tiny strands that are created to mimic the look of suede or leather. That's what makes it an affordable option for furniture. Microfiber is also known to be very durable, and it also repels water pretty well too. That being said, it can only take so much, and it's not impervious to spills and dirt. If you allow your pets on your furniture, you know that it can be tough to get certain stains out, and if you have kids with sticky hands, it can be tough to get those type of stains out too. You've probably tried using soap and water to when cleaning furniture, and you probably realised that it leaves water rings on your microfiber furniture that just make the whole thing look worse than before.

Thank goodness for the internet and for One Good Thing By Jillee for teaching us the best way to clean upholstery. The cleaning tricks have been put to the test, and this is what Jillee has found to work the best. Before you begin cleaning your microfiber furniture, you need to figure out which type of microfiber your furniture is made of. Just find the tag on your furniture, and it should have one of these labels on it that tell you what type of sofa cleaner to use on it. W is a water-based cleaning solution, S is a solvent-based cleaner, S-W means that you can use either a solvent or water-based cleaner and X means to vacuum only and not to use any type of sofa cleaner on it. If you have the W label, you can breathe a sigh of relief because that means you can use pretty much any type of sofa cleaner, and even soap and water would do the trick. The thing is, most sofas will have an S label. If your sofa doesn't have a label at all, you should just use solvent based cleaners to be safe. So what type of cleaner can you use? Since microfiber is made up of polyester fibres, something like rubbing alcohol will work just fine.

So get an empty spray bottle and put some rubbing alcohol in it. Then spray the areas of your microfiber furniture until they are saturated lightly, and dab the area with a cloth until the stain lifts. Then, allow the area to dry completely before sitting on the sofa. Once the area is dry, you can tell if the stain has lifted, and if it hasn't you can always reapply the alcohol and blot the stain again until you get it out. Tougher stains like ink or dyes might be a lot trickier to remove. To get your sofa looking great after the stain is gone and the area is dry, just fluff up the area if there are any stiffened fibres with a scrubbing brush or sponge. Just brush them out until they feel nice and soft again. You can use this on any microfiber material whether it's the upholstery on a chair, couch, stool, or pillows. This is probably the best way to clean upholstery that's made of microfiber so try it out and see how well it works for you, and be sure to try more cleaning tips from One Good Thing By Jillee.***

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