How to clean your sliding door tracks- tried and true!

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Window and door tracks can get pretty dirty especially when it's windy and dry outside. Dirt and dust from outside gets caught in the small pockets in the tracks which are very difficult to get to with normal cleaning methods. They are not just a flat surface that's easy to wipe down. There are som great cleaning tips that will help you get your door and window tracks looking like new again, and you may even have some of the cleaning supplies on hand already too. The cleaning supplies you'll need for these cleaning tips will be an old toothbrush, rags or cleaning cloths, WD-40, soap water, vacuum and window cleaner. You can make your own natural all purpose cleaner that you can use as a window cleaner too. Just mix half vinegar and half water, into a spray bottle and shake it up. Then you're ready to use it on any surface you'd like just the same way you'd use other cleaning products. You can also add in 30 drops of your favourite essential oils to give it a unique and refreshing aroma.

First of all, spray the WD-40 all over the window tracks making sure you get into all of the nooks and crannies. You can slide the door or window open and closed a few times to get the WD-40 all over the tracks. Then, take a rag and wipe up any excess oil. Next, use the soapy water and a rag or cloth to scrub the tracks really well, and use the toothbrush to get into the hard to reach spaces. You can keep your old toothbrushes to use for cleaning, or you can get a cheap toothbrush at the dollar store to use specifically for cleaning. A toothbrush also comes in handy when cleaning baseboards, your oven, fridge and sink faucets. So always keep one handy for any of these tricky jobs. Once you've scrubbed the door or window tracks really well, you can take your all purpose cleaner and spray the tracks down, then wipe them one final time with a dry cloth. To get rid of any of the left over debris, just use your hose vacuum attachment to pick it up. You can also use an old cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll to get into the tough spots with the vacuum. Just tape the roll over the vacuum hose and fold it to create a slender opening at the top which is perfect for getting into crevices.

If you would prefer to use a natural cleaner instead of WD-40, you can also use baking soda and vinegar on your door or window tracks. Just sprinkle some baking soda in the door track and then pour vinegar over the baking soda. The vinegar and the baking soda will react to each other and start fizzing up which will loosen the dust. Leave the solution on there for about 20 minutes then, come back and wipe it up with a rag. Then spray your window cleaner or all purpose cleaner on the door track to wash out any other debris and wipe clean with a cloth. It's as simple as that to get the job of cleaning your window or door tracks with very simple ingredients you probably already have at home. To keep your window and door tracks clean in between deep cleans, you can just vacuum them as you're vacuuming your home. Or, you can use your duster to pick up any loose dust. Enjoy this and other great cleaning tips from Wrapped In Rust. You'll also find some great organisation tips and tips on how to save your money.***

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