How To Cut A Recipe in Half (Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart)

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Do you ever find a recipe but its way to big, and your family doesn't eat left overs? Here is a great post on How To Cut A Recipe in Half (Printable Kitchen Conversion Chart) ! This is perfect for those times you find a recipe and you just don't want to make the whole thing, because it is for 10 people and you only have 2 or 4 people in your family. Sure leftovers are good sometimes, but if you have so many left overs and are eating the same thing over and over, it can get pretty old pretty fast.

Googling what half of 3/4 is and then what half of another measurement is or trying to figure it out in your head can get a little tiresome, so this list just makes it super easy, you can just simply start out with your recipe, and then write down all of the conversions you see on this chart, next to the list of ingredients on your recipe, and then you are set to make your recipe in a half version. So glad that she decided to put this out there for others to use. I do find it fairly easy to do the math in my head, but this would just make it that much easier to do when you have the reference sheet right there.

The best part about the format it is in, is that you can either save it and print it out, to have a hard copy right in your kitchen, it would be great to put up on your fridge so you could reference it at any time. Or, you can pin it on your Pintrest board, and then be able to access it from anywhere you are! How perfect is that?! Head on over to 'Mom 4 Real' to get one of your own conversion charts, just follow the link in the section below!

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