How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

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When you think of housecleaning, is there a particular room in the house that you least enjoy cleaning? For many, this would be the bathroom. Even if we clean the bathroom once a week, it never seems quite clean enough. How do you deep clean your bathroom so that it becomes your favourite room on your cleaning list? This helpful bathroom cleaning article will tell you.

Helpful bathroom cleaning hacks are hard to come by, so when they do show up, we need to pay attention. There’s always more to learn about bathtub cleaning, bathroom floor cleaning, sink cleaning, and, of course, toilet cleaning. And what are the best cleaning products for the bathroom? What are the best bathroom cleaning supplies? Are there natural bathroom cleaning products that we can use and what are the best ways to use them? Green cleaning is so imperative these days, especially if we have children and pets to consider - simply because they can be particularly sensitive to chemical cleaners. Green cleaning is using environmentally-friendly house cleaning detergents and solvents rather than toxic chemical ones, and it is becoming more popular all the time. Two of the most natural home cleaning agents are vinegar and baking soda. If you don’t have anything else, it’s vital that you have these two natural cleaning ingredients in ample supply – anything else is secondary. Vinegar and baking soda are two primary house cleaners that our grandmothers knew about, as did their grandmothers before them. They are highly-effective, easy to use, and will not cause any adverse side effects with your children or your pets, or you, for that matter, if you are sensitive to chemical cleaners. When you think of it, we really don’t need to use heavy-duty chemicals to clean our homes anymore when these two natural ingredients will do the trick just as well – if not better.

Two other very handy items to add to your household cleaning kit are a microfiber pad and a spray bottle. Microfiber pads come in all different shapes and sizes and you can even buy microfiber gloves, pads, and socks now. Microfiber is a new cleaning technology that allows you to clean your home inexpensively with as few cleaning materials as possible. Microfibers have a remarkable ability to pick up all kinds of dirt particles and allow for maximum cleaning potential in a minimum amount of time. Spray bottles, on the other hand, are very useful if you wish to mix your own cleaning products – for example, vinegar and water, which is a very effective home cleaner that can clean your entire house. To make this mixture, simply mix four cups of water with four cups of vinegar, pour it into your spray bottle and shake it gently until fully blended. Once you are armed with your vinegar-water spray and microfiber pad, you’re not only ready to clean your bathroom, but you are ready to clean your entire house as well.

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