How to Deter Slugs and Snails With Eggshells

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If you are an experienced gardener, chances are you have noticed holes in your flowers and vegetables at times and have wondered about the cause. In these cases, it is entirely possible that slugs or snails are enjoying your plants, which is causing their unsightly appearances. Luckily there is a solution to help you get rid of slugs and snails in an environmentally safe way without the use of chemical pesticides or harming the insects. My Merry Messy Life, a contributor to the Home Talk website, has shared their method of how to deter slugs and snails, and they use it with a humble leftover household product, egg shells. The next time you are making eggs, merely stash the shells in a Ziploc bag and reserve for when you need a pest deterrent other than pesticides. There is no need to wash the egg shells since they will be going outside anyway.

Chemical pesticides are common for bug control and the elimination of pests on vegetables, but when you think of it, it isn’t particularly ideal to put something dangerous on what we intend to eat. For this reason, natural deterrents are suitable for bug control. Eggshells are an excellent choice because they will decay and eventually go back into the soil. Slugs aren’t deterred by eggshells because they are harmful to them, but because they are sharp objects that the slugs would prefer not to glide over. The eggshells can provide a barrier between the slugs and your plants while adding extra nutrition to the soil you are growing your vegetables and flowers in. Since you will require a lot of eggshells and they deteriorate quickly, it will be a good idea to save as many as you can before using in your garden. Just crush the eggshells into shards and line them around whatever plants you want to protect.

While egg shells are the most common natural way of deterring slugs and snails over pesticides, there are other household items you can use as well. Eggshells have the downside in that you need a lot of them to provide a barrier in the garden and that they compost fast, but other ingredients may work for you as well. For example, the leftover shells from nuts, such as pistachios or walnuts can be saved to layer in your garden as a barrier as well. Similar to eggshells, these will deteriorate and become part of the garden adding more nutrients to the soil. Other useful options that would be wonderful in a flower bed for bug control would be mulch or pine needles. Mulch and pine needles serve multiple purposes in that they can hold moisture in the soil for the plants, add nutrients, look attractive and will provide a sharp barrier that slugs and snails are unlikely to go across.

If you want to limit or eliminate the use of chemical pesticides in your garden, it is lovely to know there are so many natural methods of eliminating pests. These methods will benefit the growth in your garden, as well as allowing insects in the environment to survive and do their part for the ecosystem. Moreover, you can feel good about doing something that is harmless to you and those critters who live around your garden. Thank you to My Merry Messy Life, a contributor to the Home Talk website, for sharing their method for how to deter slugs and snails from the garden with egg shells. Once you have had success with one safe means of pest control, you will want to try many others.

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