How to Easily Propagate Basil from Cuttings

Photo Credit: The Cafe Sucre Farine

Basil is such a beautiful herb to grow and also one that is really delicious to eat. Did you know to easily propagate basil from cuttings? Well, you can, and this website will show you how to do it. Now you can have fresh basil at your fingertips (or on your windowsill) whenever you want it.

Basil is native to places like India, Africa and even Asia, but it has come to be grown in other climes as its popularity has grown. It is one of the most popular and sought after herbs that people use today. Even people who don�t really use or eat herbs know and love Basil. It is a fragment and somewhat sweet tasting herb that hints of peppermint, to which it is related.

Today there are more than 60 different varieties of basil including cinnamon basil and lemon basil. Each offers a distinctive flavoring that you can use in dishes both sweet and savory. Perhaps basil is most popular in pesto, a decadent mix of basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese. From this rich base many other sauces can be made and served with noodles or rice.

So basil has a lot of terrific uses. To continually search out and buy fresh basil can become difficult. And using freezer basil works, but nothing beats having it around fresh.

This website, run by Scott and Chris, is where they share all kinds of smart ideas and good food recipes. Many of them are served up in the blog they keep, The Caf� Sucre Farine, and where you can find all kinds of interesting and delicious recipes. That includes recipes that include fresh basil, of course.

If the name of this blog strikes you as a bit different, go to the About section of the website for the story of how this blog got its name. You can read about the creators, Chris and Scott, and how they got started. It is a great story that includes their son, his friends, and a study in French canisters. But we�ll not give out the whole story here. Go to their blog and stay awhile. You�ll be glad you did.

Find out more how-to�s at the website, The Cafe Sucre Farine, by following the link below.

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