How to easily remove sweat stains from sheets and blankets

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Get your sheets and blankets looking like new again, with this easy DIY idea and natural cleaners idea. Sheets and blankets, over time, can get dull looking with sweat stains that can leave your sheets and blankets looking yellow. The good news is that you don't have to throw away the sheets and buy new ones, but rather use simple ingredients that you might already have in your house. You are sure to have at least one of the ingredients in this easy to use DIY idea. And that ingredient is dish soap, just think how well dish soap works on cutting the grease when it comes to doing dishes. Dish soap can also help to remove the sweat stains from your blankets and sheets.

Some people seem to sweat more than others, but sweat stains on mattresses and sheets is a common problem that can wreak havoc on your blankets and sheets. To clean the sweat stains off your sheets or blankets start with setting the washer to the hottest setting possible. Add the bed sheets or blankets to the washer. Then add about one cup of Borax and some dish soap to the washing machine. Then, let the washing machine start running for a few minutes to make sure that all of the dish soap and the Borax are mixed into the water. Then stop your washing machine and let the laundry load sit for about one hour. After one hour you can start the washing machine and lets it run all the way through. You can also set the washing machine for an extra rinse at the end to help get the sheets looking their best. If you have an extra rinse button on your washing machine, go ahead and use it. When the laundry is done remove the sheets and the blankets to see if the sweat stains are gone. If the sheets and blankets aren't stained free, you can always go through the steps again one more time. This DIY idea is something that you should do on a regular basis to keep your sheets looking their best.

You can use liquid dish soap for more than doing dishes. Use some liquid dish soap to help erase greasy stains on clothing. Just like dish soap helps get your dishes clean of grease, it can also help for grease stains on laundry. For a grease stain on laundry rub a little dish soap into the stain and rinse with some water (this DIY idea also works great for removing rings around the collar, too). The dish soap is gentle enough for spot-treating most fabrics, even for washable wool and silk, which could be damaged by laundry detergent that has extra stain-fighting enzymes. You can also use dish soap to help clean your kitchen and your bathroom floors. To use, you will need a bucket of warm water with two tablespoons of dish soap. Use the natural cleaner on vinyl or tile flooring, but avoid using on hardwoods (as the water could warp the boards). Use dish soap to launder hand washable clothing. To use, put a tablespoon of dish soap in the laundry in place of the detergent you use to hand wash delicates. Use dish soap to help trap and kill fruit flies. Add about three drops of dish soap to a bowl of vinegar (which will attract the flies). The dish soap will help trap the flies, and they will sink and drown.

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