How to Freeze Cheese and Why You Should

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When you think cheese, you may think melted cheese, but probably not frozen cheese. But frozen cheese is a thing, and we are here to present how to freeze cheese and why you should.

The idea is from Amanda over at Its a Fabulous Life, a website that is more than just fabulous cooking. It has advice on fashion, crafts, tips for home owners, and a section for kids. A DIY-er at heart, Amandas creative recipes and tips are guaranteed to make your life easier and fun.

The procedure for freezing cheese is literally putting cheese in a freezer. And freezing cheese is exactly what you imagine it to be. There are no inherent benefits of frozen cheese over normal cheese; the benefits are elsewhere. For example, it will allow you to stock up on cheese on sale and save your some extra trips to the supermarket, which saves you money. Just remember that different cheese have optimal freezing conditions, and shred or slice the cheese block first. And always store the cheese in wrapping or freezer bags.

Some recommend against freezing delicate and fine cheese, because they deteriorate easily due to the formation of ice crystals in the cheeses. Holed or cracked cheese is especially vulnerable to freezing damage. Hard and block cheeses, on the other hand, are much more resilient. However, the texture is likely to change regardless of the cheese and the storage technique. So I recommend that you freeze cheese that you expect to use for cooking purposes. Before using, just let it thaw in the refrigerator first. And dont freeze it longer than six months, or else once thawed the cheese will completely crumble into cheese dust! So remember that you should only freeze hard cheese blocks in shredded or sliced form and never more than six months, and only use these cheeses for cooking purposes.

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