How To Freeze Fresh Sweet Corn

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There are many fruit and vegetables that are seasonal. That being the case when they are in season they are the freshest and the most cost efficient. Many people, not only farmers, decide to bulk buy the specific fruit or vegetable and either pickle, can or freeze them for future meals. That is always a great idea since once a fruit or vegetable is out of season they are hard to find and if you are lucky enough to find them they are very expensive. If you are deciding to store them for future consumption then always practice safe food storage.

Food storage safety and food storage tips are great especially if it’s your first time trying this. Anna and Linda will give you a recipe on how to accomplish this for corn and this is a great idea since corn is seasonal and if you live far from a farming community the cost rises with the distance it must travel to get to you. The next time you see it on sale fill up your trunk with the sweet corn and take a look at their recipe on how to follow food storage safety. Their food storage tips for corn will come in handy. If you always practice safe food storage the chances of something going bad or wrong is very limited.

Pickling and canning as well as freezing food has been around for a very long time. Before freezers were invented people would either dig a deep hole in the ground, a root cellar, and they would store foodstuffs in there. Pickling was also a very popular way to go and that is probably the longest known way to store food for usage over a long period of time. Canning is also very new and had many hiccups before it was finally made to be as safe as it is today.Whenever you decide to freeze a veggie or fruit always remember to get as much liquid, water, out of the item as possible. Freezing is a great way to store things but if your item has too much liquid left in it will not fare well in the freezer. Also always make sure your item is properly sealed so as that no air will be able to seep into the device you are using for the freezing. If air manages to get into your frozen item then you will be faced with the fact that it will get freezer burn.

Freezer burn is when an item you have frozen, whether in a bag or other device, has a leak. If it has a leak then air is able to get into the item and will cause dehydration and oxidation of the item. The color will change and the food will lose all of its moisture and when you decide to thaw it out you will quickly recognize that it is nothing like it was when originally frozen.Thanks to Anna and Linda of Blessed Beyond Crazy Blog for this excellent way on How To Freeze Fresh Sweet Corn that will inspire you to do more freezing and saving you money. **

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