How to freshen stinky carpet naturally! No harsh chemicals or smelly cleaners

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You'll want to take a look at this easy DIY idea for carpet cleaning. This is the perfect natural cleaner when your carpet needs a little freshening up, in between cleaning. This is a great idea especially if you have children or pets that can often leave your carpet smelling a little smelly. This DIY idea and step by step tutorial is just a way to freshen up the carpet between carpet cleaning. This natural cleaner won’t get spots or carpet stains out, but it will leave your carpet smelling so much better, and it freshens the room up too. This DIY idea is super easy, and there is something satisfying about making your own natural cleaners, especially since you know all the ingredients that go into the mixture. You can use this natural cleaner for a variety of uses, from freshening up smelly shoes to deodorizing the fridge and freshening up a smelly garbage can. And of course you don't want to forget to use it for your in between carpet cleaning routine, your carpet will be smelling fresh and clean in no time. For the step by step tutorial on how to make this natural cleaner for carpet cleaning, you will want to take a look on the site.

For this DIY idea for carpet cleaning, you need some baking soda and some essential oils. You might try some lavender essential oil with some peppermint essential oil for a good combination. Then mix the ingredients and shake well to mix them up. You'll want to put them into a jar with a shaker top. You can look around they are available online at Amazon, or Target store and sometimes at Micheals. You can add a nice label and then you will always have this natural cleaner for carpet cleaning on hand to use when you need to freshen up the carpets. This carpet cleaning mixture is so easy to make, and it's inexpensive too. So you can stop buying those expensive deodorizers and make your own for a fraction of the cost. And you can put the carpet cleaning mixture in a mason jar with a chalkboard label. Make sure to shake or stir up the mixture, so you don't have any clumps. Then sprinkle on your carpet, leave on for several hours or overnight if possible and vacuum up in the morning.

There are a variety of DIY ideas and natural cleaners that you can use baking soda for. Use baking soda for a natural cleaner to help scrub or soak hair brushes. To use combine baking soda and warm water to degrease and clean. Use the same mixture for oven cleaning and to get pans with stuck on grease clean. You can also use baking soda combined with some water into a paste to use on your stove top. Combine water and baking soda, so it spreads easily on your stove top to get rid of dirt and grime. Then leave on for about 15 minutes and use a soft damp cloth to clean. Then use a dry cloth to polish. Drop some baking soda in the garbage disposal with the rind of a fresh lemon to freshen. Soak your toothbrushes in baking soda dissolved in some water for 2 to 4 hours and rinse with hydrogen peroxide to help kill germs. Baking soda is an ingredient and natural cleaner that you always want to have in your cabinets, it is good for a variety of cleaning projects and diy ideas.

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