How To Garnish With Beautiful Marshmallow Flowers

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A marshmallow is a fluffy, sweet, yummy, melt-in-your-mouth treat that delights everyone who tries it. Never say no to marshmallows and never say no to how to make marshmallow flowers, either. We know that marshmallows are nothing but sugar, but so what? It is sugar that has been whipped into a fluffy, squishy, yummy in your tummy bit of wonderfulness. How can you say no to it? And, we spend so much of our time ensuring that we and our families eat well that once in a while a purely decadent treat is okay. And this is it.

Marshmallows appear to have originated with the ancient Egyptians who developed a whipped sugar candy using the Marsh mallow as one of the ingredients. The mallow contained properties that could soothe a sore throat, and to encourage children to eat the mallow, the marsh mallow candy was first created. Today, of course, we don’t use the Marsh mallow for this treat, and it contains no medicinal properties—unless feeling wonderful is medicinal . . .

Marshmallows can also be made by hand with great success. It is not an easy recipe and should probably be undertaken only by seasoned cooks and bakers. However, if you do try and make them, you will be astonished at how well they imitate commercial marshmallows, but taste far superior. You can even use liquid fruit concentrates to increase the nutrition, and home made varieties do use egg whites, which are loaded with protein. So marshmallows can have some goodness to offer. And they are so much fun to shape and play with. Kids love them.

If you can keep the kids from eating too many of your marshmallows, they will also love to make these great marshmallow flowers. They are pretty, and easy to make. Little hands that cannot yet work with scissors can probably still shape the flowers with a bit of help from mom or dad. This project can last a few minutes or all day, mostly depending on the marshmallow supply. Do have some pre-made cupcakes on hand or even a cake so that you can decorate and eat your project whenever you want. Of course, even on their own, these marshmallow flowers are entirely edible.This is a super fun project, great for parties, and little kids and big will love the results.

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