How to get dried paint out of carpet

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If you have a plenty of carpet in your home, you know how easy it is to get dirty and how difficult it is to remove the stains. Whether you have pets, small children, or live on your own, chances are you will have carpet stains to deal with at some point in your life. The problem is that many of these spots set into the carpet over time, especially when they are dried paint from kid’s crafts or a previous painting project. Luckily, Katie, the author of the Housewife How-Tos lifestyle blog has excellent cleaning instructions for how to remove spots from carpet. Her carpet cleaning methods involve several different products, some of which you may already have on hand. Even if you have to buy new products to follow her cleaning steps, you will be shocked by the results.

Katie had many stains in her carpets, which led her to come up with her solutions for getting stains out of carpet. These stains consisted of residue from her cats and coffee stains, but the most difficult spots to tackle were the dried paint splotches on the carpet. You may be someone who accidentally dripped paint on the carpet after painting the room, or your kids may have been playing with their craft supplies and spilt paint on the floor. Either way, it is wonderful to know that Katie found out the best cleaning products to use. The one product she uses is from a brand called Goo Gone, which makes cleaning products that are designed to pick up stains. She had previously used it to clean paint brushes and figured it would remove a carpet stain just as well. Goo Gone has products designed to clean grout and tile, patio furniture or degreases the kitchen, but the one you will want is called Goo Gone Latex Paint Clean-Up. They claim that the product is safe on carpet, fabrics and even wood, which means you will be able to clean dried paint from several areas safely.

Even thought the Goo Gone was helpful in removing the dried paint, there were still some stains left behind that require cleaning. Katie decided to use a combination of Dawn soap and water, which would help lift the stains out of the carpet. You then want to dab the surface with a cloth to soak up the stains. If you start rubbing the stain with the cloth, it may become even more embedded into the carpet. For even tougher stains, Katie employed a cleaning process involving ammonia. Although you may not like using ammonia in your home, it will be particularly helpful when you have stains that won’t come out of the carpet easily. Once she was satisfied she removed all the stains, she used a carpet cleaner to finish the job.

Rather than employing a carpet cleaning service, it is wonderful to know you will be able to save that money and clean your carpet yourself. Katie’s cleaning steps may look extensive when you view her article, but they are based on the severity of the stains in your home. Since she had many carpet stains in her home, all caused by something different, she had to go through different tasks to get rid of each one. In your case, one of her cleaning recommendations may be enough. By following through with Katie’s tips and tricks, you may even feel inclined to save your carpet for the long term rather than replacing it, which will save you money. Thank you to Katie, the author of the Housewife How-Tos lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on cleaning stains from carpet.

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