How to get mold out of the Front Loader washing machine

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Even though our washing machines are supposed to clean our clothes, they can get dirty and even mouldy over time. If you suspect or see mould growing in your washing machine, there are some easy cleaning tips you can use to remove mould from your washing machine. Daniel from Do It Yourself Daniel shares a great cleaning tip on how to remove mould from a front loading washing machine with only two cleaning ingredients. You might be able to see the mould clearly, or you may just smell a musty odour coming from your washing machine. Either way, it's best to get rid of mould right away, so it doesn't spread, and also so that it doesn't start growing on your clothing and items. Front-loading washing machines are great because they save so much space. You can stack your washer and dryer on top of each other saving space in your home. But these machines are also susceptible to growing mould in the creases. Especially on the bottom rubber piece surrounding the door where the water collects. Since mould spores live in moist environments, this crevice provides the perfect home for it to live and thrive. One way to prevent this from happening altogether is to make sure you leave your washing machine door open after doing a load of laundry.

The air flow will help dry out the water and can help prevent mould from growing. You can also take a paper towel and wipe out the inside of your machine's door and the rubber surrounding it after each load of laundry. Even by doing this you may still get some mould growing in your washing machine. So make sure you wash your washing machine regularly to kill and prevent mould from growing there. All you need is some bleach and some water as well as a jar to store it in. All you do is take some paper towels and soak them in the bleach and water and then put the paper towels around the rubber door seal of your washing machine. Leave them in place for three to four hours to completely kill the mould. When time is up, simply remove the paper towels and the mould will be gone. If you need to secure the paper towels in place around the top of the rubber seal on your washing machine, you can use binder clips to secure them in place. Then, once you do this run your machine on the hottest, longest cycle with some bleach to kill any other bacteria or mould growing in the machine.

Just put the bleach in the detergent compartment in your washing machine and let it deep clean the machine. This method is so easy because you don't even have to scrub or anything. Simply let the machine do all of the work and clean itself. Of course, when you are doing these cleaning tips make sure that there are no clothes or items in your washing machine. Bleach could discolour your clothing so be careful of that. If you are sensitive to bleach, you can also opt to use white distilled vinegar instead of bleach. It is like the natural, gentler version of bleach that still has some very powerful antifungal properties meaning it will kill the mould and keep it away. For good measure, you could also add in some baking soda, another great natural antifungal cleaner. Put them in your detergent compartment just like you would with the bleach and run them through on the hottest cycle to kill the mould with the heat. Check out this and other great cleaning tips on Do It Yourself Daniel.***

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