How To Get Rid Of Mice In House Without Killing Them

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If mice are a problem in your home, you will want to know all of the ways to keep them away. Many people call the exterminator right away whenever there is an issue with pests such as mice. But there are some things to know first before you go spending a lot of money to deal with pests. For starters, winter weather drives mice and rats into your home. In the fall, when the weather outside starts to get colder, several pests will try to invade your home to stay nice and warm. Mice are a pest that breeds fast and one mouse living in your home may result in a population that exceed 200 pests within a matter of months. The thought of having mice in your home is something that makes most people shudder. With beady eyes and tails, they infest the walls and the corners of your home. There are several ways to help keep pests such as mice out of your home, and the good news is that there are natural methods do this without having to kill them. There are a variety of natural ways to get rid of mice and keep them out of your home. After all, you don’t want a bunch of dead mice laying around the walls of your house; this can cause an odor problem. You'll want to take a look at the full list of natural DIY ideas to get rid of mice and to keep them away. The list has the pros and cons of each method. The first and most important step in natural pest control is prevention. You'll find the full list of natural pest control on the Bug Off site.

You want to start by preventing mice from entering your home. As soon as the summer months start to end, it’s time to start thinking about your natural prevention techniques for keeping mice out of your house. You want to create barriers and block any entrances. It may be a bit of work, but it's better to prevent mice from entering the house before they become pests that can be extremely hard to get rid of. Mice commonly have their nests in places such as attics, lofts, wall interiors and storage boxes. The first step in natural mouse prevention is to work from the inside of your home to out to block any holes, and any tunnels the mice have created to get in. The key to natural prevention is to seal up every opening that the mice could enter into your home through. Repair any holes in outside walls, skirting boards and floorboards.

For a blocking material to keep mice and pests out of our house, you can use different materials depending on the size of the hole. You can block the hole in your home with something such as a scouring pad or dish sponge, or you can choose to repair the hole by filling it with some plaster or caulk. Steel wool works for smaller holes and wire mesh for bigger holes. Either way, by starting from the inside of your house and working your way out, the mice that are attempting to get into the house through the blocked holes will most likely give up and exit through the outer holes of your house. You want to make sure you’ve sealed all of the holes inside before starting on the outside of the house. All of these DIY ideas will help save you from having to call the exterminator.

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