How to get rid of outdoor ants

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Are ants invading your space? It's true, ants are everywhere, almost impossible to escape them or get them to leave. They are most annoying when they invade your home or your garden where you're trying to grow some food or flowers. Out in the yard, you might find different types of ants which might not react to the same natural remedies for ants. The diy ideas that are used to keep ants out of your house may not work on the ants in your yard especially if they are an invasive species of and like the Argentine Ants. These ants join forces with on another and create large colonies that have multiple queens; they call their colonies “supercolonies.” So like the Savvy Housekeeper shares with us, she felt like she was living on an anthill because she probably really was living on supercolony of ants.

She had tried the diy idea to pour boiling water down the ant hole, but if there are multiple queens, this won't work. The point is to kill the queen, and the rest of the ants will die and no more new ones from that colony will be created. In the case of the supercolony, sure plenty of ants were killed in the process, but there were others left to back them up and continue creating more ants. One of the natural remedies for ants is Borax which you can find in most grocery stores for around $5. You can use this in laundry to help combat hard water, and you can use it in plenty of other natural cleaners. The trap is also set up so that your pets won't be able to get into it, so you don't have to worry about that. To make the poison for the ants, you'll mix sugar with borax and water. You just dissolve the sugar and borax into the water in a pot over medium heat until you get a paste. Then, you're going to put the mixture into an empty pop or beer can. Put the can with the poison in it in the ant's walkway and then leave it for them to start to feed on. They will feed on the poison and then bring it back to their colony where it will kill all of the ants including the queen. It might take a while to get rid of them completely but just keep the can in place until you notice the ants are gone.

You can prevent ants from coming into your house by spraying the entrance way area with some mint oil in some water. Bugs hate the scent of peppermint so they should stay away. You can also try drawing a line of chalk at the doorway where they come in. The ant's won't go near the chalk. You will also want to keep your recycle bin away from your house if you find they are getting into that. They love the residue left over from pop and beer cans or bottles, so it's a good idea to rinse everything out really well too before you put it in the recycle bin to go outside. You can also clean their tracks up with some dish soap to wash away their scent trail. Ants leave a scent trail of pheromones to tell the other ants where to go to get the food. Once you wash this away, they won't be as likely to follow it. While ants can be pests, there are great diy ideas and natural remedies for getting rid of them. So try these natural solutions before you use any strong chemicals.***

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