How to Get Rid of Pesty Fruit Flies

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Summertime means bringing out the delicious fruit bowl of bananas, apples, oranges, and more - but unfortunately also the persistent fruit flies. But no fear, Jessica at Mom 4 Real blog is here to let us in on how to get rid of petty fruit flies.

Jessica shares on her blog her vast experience and knowledge on home decor, DIY, craft, recipes, and more. Best of all, its all simple, inexpensive, and no-fuss, and yields fantastic results.

I am also certain that the fruit fly is a universally annoying and hard to deal with problem. These little insects just do not know when to quit! Any fruit or wine you leave on the counter will attract an army of them when you are sleeping, and they will leave you with a headache in the morning. Jessicas solution is ingenious. All you need are some jars, plastic wraps, and wine or anything that attracts fruit flies. This is also a mouse-trap for fruit flies - once they go for the wine, they are trapped in the jar. And rinse and repeat for as long as you need.

Fruit flies seemingly appear out of thin air and infect your house without you paying attention. They have very sensitive smell sensors that can detect a ripe fruit and vegetable from a long distance. And these little-winged creatures are very small, and hence are able to enter your house through small cracks or even some window mesh. And once they are in and near their favorite dish, they reproduce and spawn an army of little ones - they reach adult age in 8 days. They sometimes lay eggs on fruits such as bananas, so you are helping them in infecting your house when you carry those bananas home. The best way next to Jessicas solution is to not leave fruits out in the open for long, and keep them in the refrigerator when unused.

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