How to Grill a Filet Mignon on a Gas Grill

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Beef always seems like a meat that is a little more difficult to cook, everyone seems to like their beef cooked in different ways, to desired doneness. Here is a great recipe on How to Grill a Filet Mignon on a Gas Grill. For those that are fans of eating beef, it cooked in different ways and there are different cuts to the meat that are better than others. But there is more to it than that, such as how the cow was raised, what it was fed,and if it was raised humanly.

The following information is a great guide on how to cook the perfect Filet Mignon on a gas grill. People love a good filet mignon, and from what I know, it seems to be the creme du la creme when it comes to cuts of beef. The recipe tells us that it's hard to find the absolute best cut of meat when it comes to beef, because all of the restaurants have usually bought it up, and the cost for them is pretty high. So they tell you what the next best cut is and also what to stay away from.

The other thing is the temperature that the meat is cooked at and the temperature of the inside of the meat, which will tell you if it's done or not. This how to post gives you all of the information you need and more on that, and they say it's really important that the meat is not cooked by time, only by internal temperature. Which is a good thing to know, especially if you are like me and don't cook much beef at home. This would be a great how to to put to the test! Head over to '101 Cooking for Two' by following the link in the description below and happy grilling!

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