How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Sq Feet

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Starting a garden is an excellent way of saving money at the grocery store and having fresh vegetables through the summer. Vegetable gardening can even allow you to have vegetables throughout the off-season through a combination of storing, preserving and freezing your garden bounty. One ideal gardening crop is potatoes, because they are a root vegetable, and can be stored for many months with proper storage. For one thing, never wash your potatoes before storage, as washed potatoes will go bad faster than unwashed potatoes. You will also want to cure your potatoes so that their skins toughen up, which will extend their storage life. To do this, you should arrange them on newspaper in a cold dark room of approximately fifty to sixty degrees Celsius for two weeks. After two weeks, your potatoes should be stored in ventilated boxes of baskets and completely covered at lower temperatures, like thirty-five to forty degrees Celsius.

Storing potatoes is a relatively simple endeavor, but the challenge for planting vegetables is that often people don’t have space. Potato plants get quite large and usually require a significant amount of land that people don’t have to produce a substantial crop. Greg Holdsworth, a contributor at the ‘Vegetable Gardener’ website, has a genius idea for potato gardening and using minimal space. Rather than gardening on a large plot of land, you can grow up to 100 pounds of potatoes in just 4 square feet by adopting a vertical gardening method. Greg’s method involves building a box upwards, with separate frames, each frame containing potato plants. His process for potato gardening involves building one frame on the bottom, adding soil, planting the seed potatoes and covering with additional soil. Once the potato plants have grown to a reasonable height, he adds another frame overtop and does the same process until eventually, he has a stack of potato boxes.

Vegetable gardening is an excellent way of learning about food and enjoying fresh vegetables at their best, but if you want to grow your food to save money, it helps to have methods that will heighten your crop. Since these boxes are a contained garden, you don’t have to have any land at all for gardening potatoes. All you require is a patio or deck space for storing your potato box, so city dwellers or those who live in apartment buildings can enjoy the bounty of fresh veggies. The most important thing to note with any variety of container gardening is to keep your soil well fortified all through the season, since that will keep your vegetable plants fed and allow them to grow into healthy plants and produce a lot of veggies, making all your gardening effort worthwhile. For this reason, always start your containers with a variety or organic compost and potting soil, and fertilize throughout the season with natural fertilizers. Thank you to Greg Holdsworth, a contributor at the ‘Vegetable Gardener’ website, for sharing his instructions on how to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet of space.

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