How To Grow A Lemon Tree Seed In a Pot Indoors

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Can you imagine how much fun it would be to grow your own lemons for cooking! Do you love to grow things and experiment if you even can? Are you the type that maybe even does these projects with your children so they can learn some biology lesson?

Well here is another fun seed for you to grow. The Lemon! It is even possible for you tree to produce lemons, but you would have to be very patient at it takes years for a plant to produce fruit. The plant itself is beautiful and for those that love indoor tropical plants, you will enjoy your lemon tree.

You will need to use an organic lemon to get the seeds from. Cut you lemon open and extract the seeds. Soak them for up to three hours in water then dry them on clean paper towelling. You will see there is a shell on the seeds so you will need to carefully peel that off. You will want to put the seeds back into the water until you have everything ready. Place some good potting soil into a small pot that has drainage and add a little water to moisten the soil. Be sure your soil is near the top of the pot. Plant your seeds in the pot. It is okay to plant all the seeds you extracted from your lemon into the one pot. Cover the seed with about 1/2 inch of soil then place the pebbles on the soil. Find a location that has a lot of sunlight. Be sure to keep the soil moist but do not overwater. No plant likes to be overwatered, and Overwatering is the biggest reason people kill their plants! Now just wait and eventually you will see sprouts of lemon trees poking trough the pebbles. You can leave them in the small pot for a fairly long time as you want those roots to really develop before you transplant to a larger pot. The rule of thumb is never going more than one to two pot sizes larger each time you transplant. The roots like to be cozy, and if you give them too much soil they do not do as well. Also, if you transplant to too big a pot, the tendency is to overwater.

Enjoy your lemon tree. To see photos on this how to please visit the 'I Creative Ideas' website below.

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