How To Grow Roses From Rose Cuttings

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How to grow roses from rose cuttings is a popular question and process among rose lovers. Your neighbour happens to have the most beautiful rose you have ever seen, and you want to have this beauty in your garden!

My mother was a master at growing and starting roses. She could take any rose and get it to root and grow successfully. She and her neighbours loved to start and share their roses. Flower gardeners enjoy the process of the 'walking and looking through their gardens' daily. People that really love to garden notice every new little bit of life that appears each day. I don't know what it is like in your family, but when we visit each other in my family, one of the first and most beloved rituals is to walk through the garden, admiring the flowers, and chatting about both the garden and what's happening in our lives.

Anyone that is a gardener knows what I am talking about. Gardening is a lifestyle.

There are hundreds of varieties of roses and more being developed all the time. There are climbing roses, English tea roses, Heirloom roses, and Groundcover roses to name a few. Some roses are very fragrant and others not. When you are selecting your roses, you will want to pay attention to what their characteristics are particularly how small or large they will grow. Some rose varieties like a part sun/sun environment while others want the full sun to thrive. With so much to choose from, no wonder home gardeners like to start their own roses when they wish to have more of the same plant or to share with friends!

The featured article here has some great tips on hot to propagate those rose cuttings. One of the tips in this article is what is the function of the potato?

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